With so many things going on in this world, viruses, bacteria and it’s important to know how to boost our immune system. So here we are with the ways to boost your immune system, it’s funny how little things in the environment can cause such havoc in our lives, but if you consider ways to boost your immune system its guaranteed, you can avoid falling sick and be healthy most of your lifetime.

So, if you are ready to finally take care of your health and keep the germs out of the way and way from your internal body, then here are 5 ways to boost your immune system. 

But have you ever noticed that despite you being surrounded my so many harmful elements and microorganism in the environment we don’t fall sick that easily do we? No, and the only reason for that is cause our immune system and cells have the ability to fight against those invaders. 

Its only when we don’t take good care of our body is when we become weak, and our system cannot fight against a few diseases. But that does not mean we can always avoid diseases by the methods we are going to discuss today the age and pre-existing health problems also act as a factor to decide the immunity of a person.

The 5 ways to boost your immune system is a preventive measure that we all can take in order to avoid or increase one’s immune power to levels we cannot imagine. 

So, let’s get started with the basics of the immune system.


Well I know it might be a silly question and most of us quite generously know the working or at least the importance of the immune system. But why don’t we brush a few factors and influential players of our immune system to under the 5 ways to boost our immune system.

Our body is itself a kind of a city in its own because the majority of the citizens in our body are the immune cells. The immune system of our body is made of towns such as organs, tissues with houses like cells and guess who the citizens are well you are right; they are our immune cells and chemicals.

The immune system of our body majorly plays a significant part in fighting with evils and thief like the pathogens, i.e. microorganism, protect us from these outside invaders, protect is from the harmful elements and sometimes our own cells.

So, this what our immune system Is and coming to the part of why is it important?

Needless to be said, it is most important to protect us from any infections, disease, chemical attack or our internal system in some cases.

This fast network of cells, tissues and organs that being our internal immune city helps to attack, recognize and remember outside invader, they coordinate among each other to defend our system and without which we would expose of so many pathogens and fall sick on a regular basis[1]

This is precisely why too young or too older people have a weak immune system and are highly exposed to illness than middle-aged people.

Having said so, its not always necessary that age would matter yes after a certain age it’s difficult to bring or boost ones immune system but if you start early its stays with you and here are 5 ways to boost your immune system right from the beginning.


We quite clearly know now that why the immune system is important and what exactly does it helps us with. So, let’s drive into the 5 ways by which one increase or boost one’s immune system.

As immune cells help us day in and out by protecting us, it is equally important for us to reciprocate our favour and feed them nicely so as to maintain the system properly.

And in order to do so here, we have picked up few lesser-known ways to boost your immunity


benefits of maintaining a healthy weight

Suppose you manage to go out and maintain your body circulation more and more. In that case, blood cells are pumped and circulated all around your body, and this not only does affect your blood circulation system and also improve immune cell formation[2].

  • Get some exercise, move about a little with precaution of course, but once you manage to get some exercise doesn’t have to be high intensity but just enough to make you fit and healthy it can help your immune system a lot[3].
  • Yoga one of the ways you can do so. Yoga and its benefits are very well known, and it has miraculous ways to affect our system and our body along with our mind. Thus, try doing yoga
  • Home exercise, just get you and start walking within your house or up and down the stairs if you are not a walking person, pumping up your heart will definitely help you with some fitness booster and immune booster.
  • There are undoubtedly other mindful activities that one can get involved in such as dancing, cycling, swimming and more; these are also known as recreational activities that involve your circulatory system to get pumped up.


Vitamins mineral and fibres for boosting our immune system

I guess we all have heard the saying “we are what we eat”, and its not only goes for our body weight but also to encounter topics like how well we have groomed our immune system and how to fit we are.

Eating and consumption of a healthy diet on a regular basis is quite difficult, but that doesn’t mean its impossible right, and we all can just try to incorporate few beneficial factors or elements in our diet on an alternate day to stay in touch with the process of immune boosters[4].

  • Green and citrus fruits and vegetable are long known for its protein and fiber contents that helps to improve our bone marrow and our overall blood cells. Thus, incorporating food that are luscious green can help you increase your immunity.
  • Oily fish or any big fresh water fish actually helps a lot as well. The omega 3 fatty acids are highly enriched in fishes and are very well known to improve our immune system. In case if you are a vegetarian, you can also find omega 3 fatty acids supplements that can be replaced instead of the fish.
  • Garlic, ginger, and species are also well known to be useful to help out an immune system to work correctly when required. 


Probiotic are basically leave heathy microorganism. Now eating organism to kill or prevent other microorganism is quite funny to think of right. But you remember when I said our body is made of citizen that re no one else than our immune system well it turns out that there are certain other hidden citizen and beneficial microorganism that also stay in our body and help us in immunity[5].

Now, this microorganism can be incorporated in our body externally with the help of probiotic food like curd, yoghurt and more.

  • Probiotics are live bacteria that are commonly found in our gut
  • An alternative for probiotics would be a diet with a variety of plant-based food, including a lot of fibre.
  • So by consuming probiotic food, we either seed new bacteria’s or improve the health of our existing bacteria in our body.


Now since our body has a way to interact with our internal system via the nervous system or electrochemical signalling but it’s essential to understand everything, we do have an effect on our body internally.

  • Sleep: Not enough sleep can affect your body and make it weak, which in turn has effects on our immune system
  • Stress: Not well talked about and related to our immunity, but scientist have noticed that stress has its way to influence our body system and immune system. That’s is precisely why yoga and meditation are always recommended for the immune system[6].
  • Drinking enough water is also equally important.


Also, the studies are very contracting on minerals and its effect on our immune system. Still, certain studies have shown Zinc has the power to improve our immunity against many diseases like common cold, pox and more.

The studies are still varied and its suggested to consult a doctor in case of queries. I would always suggest to incorporate Zinc in our body via natural source. Elements and food that are highly rich in Zinc can be consumed to improve our immune system.


Our Immune system is basically designed so as to protect us, and our body from microorganism and a healthy body realised on the immune system and its components like cells to handle these viruses and other harmful microorganisms. Having said so, there are certain ways we can improve the actions of our immune system, and that is where our 5 ways of immune-boosting elements come into place. 

But there are certainly few other factors like age and pre-existing diseases that also have a role to play in one’s system, and that is why the immune power and system of every individual varies and differs from each other. It has to be kept in mind that consulting a doctor is far more necessary in cases where you already are suffering from some serious health-related problems. 

If not, you can still find these helpful as all the 5 things for the immune system is mainly easy to carry out at home and so very healthy in a natural way.