Does the very thought of losing weight and exercising seem far-fetched for you?

Or is it just the thought of exercise that makes you sweat harder?

But what if I tell you the journey of losing weight can be a fun and pleasurable experience that you wouldn’t want to give up.

There is no denying that the process of losing weight and exercising might be a bit difficult in the beginning, but you would love what benefits of losing weight and exercise can do to your physical and mental health.

Benefits of weight lose and exercise

In this era of ours, where how one’s looks play a vital role in their life, there are few unforeseen awareness that has been developed about health-related issues and a greater urge to solve them. 

In this direction, weight loss forms a pivotal issue.

In a day and age where problems related to obesity have become rampant, more and more people are actively trying to lose weight, employing various means from exercising to yoga and meditation.

It has become imperative to know more about weight loss, weight loss benefits, and the multiple ways it can be achieved, with minimal consequences or compromises.

But before I start with the fun part about the unknown or somewhat lesser-known benefits of weight loss, let’s just start with the basics. This article will provide you with the ultimate answers to the long-awaited questions that keep you from starting the weight loss journey. 

An outline of how we will proceed with the article.

  • What does “weight loss” means?
  • Lesser-known benefits of losing weight
  • Ways to lead a healthy weight loss (Exercise vs. Diet)
  • Benefits of losing weight by exercising
  • Exercising but not losing weight?
  • How much exercise is required for healthy weight loss?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently asked questions.

WHAT DOES “WEIGHT LOSS” MEAN and its importance?

Firstly, you need to know that one can lose weight under two circumstances, either voluntarily (diet, exercise) or involuntary (disorder, illness, unhealthy lifestyle).

Thus, you need to know the difference, if in any case, you find yourself losing weight drastically that might also be due to certain disorders or a symptom of some medical condition, and you need to consult a doctor in that case.

Role of exercise in weight management

So what you have to aim is to lose weight voluntarily. Still, healthily, weight loss is the decrease in body weight, thus the reduction in your total body mass either due to the burning of water retention or fat in your body.

Losing weight up to 10% of your body weight can bring in so many benefits in your lifestyle. 

Why is weight loss significant?

With increases in the number of chronic diseases epidemically, starting from heart diseases, diabetes to cancer, and stroke, the importance of maintaining weight has increased.

These were a few of the leading causes of death, and in the past few decades, one of the primary purposes of these diseases are caused due to obesity.

The surprising factor being the age group, young generation aging from 24-30 have been monitored to being more prone to these diseases just cause of the weight/obesity.

Thus even if the process of weight loss is slow it’s all fine as long as you focus on losing a healthy amount of weight; it can be in 3 months or 6 months. 

How to know how much weight loss is healthy?

Fortunately, you can know your ideal weight by calculating something called BMI (Body mass index). It is the measure of your weight with respect to your height.

A healthy BMI is said to fall between 18.5-24.9 but may vary as well. There is BMI chart available that one can go through to check which category they fall in underweight, normal, overweight, or obese.

Coming under the pressure of society and pushing yourself hard even when its not required is entirely illogical, thus consider losing or gain weight only if it is necessary. That is if your

weight falls in the normal range, you need not bother much to lose weight. However, you can work on getting yourself fit.

Ideally, losing 20% of your body weight can benefit you and your lifestyle in many unimaginable ways, which we are going to talk about further in the article.


Well, if you are stuck in a dilemma about whether to start with the process of weight loss or not, then here are a few facts and benefits of weight loss that might amuse and motivate you to kick start your journey.

Personal benefits of losing weight


If you do somehow suffer from insomnia or find yourself tired and fatigued most of the time. Losing weight can help you with that.

insomnia weight loss

You must have heard that night of proper, peaceful sleep can make you rejuvenated in ways you cant imagine. Sleep is an essential factor for your regular metabolism, and it mainly the time when your brain rests on restoring its normal functionating.

Studies have shown a direct relationship between obesity and its effect on one’s sleep. As a proper sleep helps the body to regenerate necessary metabolic enzymes for the normal function of the body, anything affecting the path can be dangerous.

Losing weight can help you get a good night’s sleep. The interesting fact is that lack of sleep may be one of the primary causes of obesity. Thus, a proper sleep in quite important to maintain not just your overall health but also your mental health.


Somehow today’s world considers obesity and fatness as a sign of health, which is quite underrating, but having said so, it is more important how you feel about yourself and what could make you feel more confident.

benefits of losing weight

Losing weight might just be a booster to your confidence level, not cause people might observe you more, but you will feel light and more balanced, apart from the fact that you can fit into your favorite pair of cloths.


 Losing weight to an ideal healthy weight is the key to your healthy skin. Neither malnutrition or obesity can affect your skin positively, infact too low body weight is directly linked to the DHEA and estrogen levels of your body, which are primarily responsible for skin aging.

healthy skin care during weight loss

Maintaining a balanced weight is crucial for long term healthy skin. Losing weight will help you in the process only if you are not overdoing it. Thus aim at falling your weight in the “normal” range of the BMI. 


By mobility, what I want to denote is the ability of our body to transfer weight and do activities like walking, jumping, and running at a moderate speed. The inability to do these can cause restrictions.

A substantial body weight might restrict you from doing certain activities. Losing weight will not only allow you to do all those activities but also increase the mobility

benefits of maintaining a healthy weight

Some studies have examined the effect of fat on muscles and stiffness. Accumulation of fat can reduce the quality of your muscles and its strength. 

Lowering this bodyweight not helps with the losing up with your muscles but also increases the overall lifetime of your organs, thus providing more your heart and lungs to function with more energy.

Medicinal benefits of losing weight

Every loss of pound matters, it is not necessary for you to lose a significant amount of weight to see the medical benefits. Studies have stated that around 5-10% loss in your weight could be enough to keep your body on track and change your health positively.

Medicinal benefits of losing weight

Some of the benefits that you may benefit from losing weight are:


Ways to lead a healthy weight loss (Exercise vs. Diet)

Losing weight voluntarily mainly involves either of the two methods, either limit and control the number of calorie intake that is dieting or exercising.

There is always a third choice to maintain a balance between eating well and exercising as well, which undoubtedly will provide you with better results.


Exercising does not always mean jumping around and sweating like a pig. Any physical activity can be categorized under-exercising.

Most importantly, your aim should be keeping yourself fit rather than just losing weight. Even skinny people can exercise, not to lose weight but to keep themselves fit.

weight loss and exercise

Exercising is often related to losing weight, which is quite natural to think of, but it is a bit more than just losing those pounds. Exercise not only helps you to maintain your weight but also significantly charges your entire body, your overall fitness improves.

There are sayings that the overall fitness of a person matters regardless of their shape and weight.

If you want a long-lasting effect and don’t want to gain back the weight that you lost, then regular exercise will help you in the long run. 


If you are one of those people who don’t find time to exercise or are too lazy to exercise, then the best way to start your weight loss journey would be dieting.

People often get confused between dieting and fasting. Skipping a meal isn’t a healthy option and shouldn’t be considered one as well.

dieting of lose weight

Dieting would just involve the regular measurement of your daily calorie intake. The number of calories you consume will affect your entire weight and can change the game.

Cutting down food items with high carbohydrate content and increasing protein and fibrous food is a start to a healthy diet.

Exercising vs. Diet, what should I follow?

In an ideal situation, the proper balance among the two is beneficial. There are contradicting statements regarding either of the ways to lose weight.

But I would prefer the combination of both although there are equal benefits of each of them individually and cannot be compared as such, having said so the benefits of exercising have a more prolonged effect and a valued effect as well.

Suppose you want to lose 20 pounds in 3 months and you have an option to chose between dieting and exercising, you should know what benefits you get selecting either of them, right?

Thus to make it a bit easy on you, I will tell you some extra benefits that exercise can bring into your body.



Exercising can help your life up to your mood, and you feel the burst of freshness all over again. Factors like depression, anxiety, and restlessness decrease when you start exercising and lose weight in the process.

weight lose benifits

Studies have seen that there is a direct influence of losing weight via exercising on your daily mood swings.

Although the exact reason for the same is quite not well known and has to be worked on more. It is said that the increase in the level of natural mood lifters like endorphins helps in the process.

In fact, recent studies have deduced that a 30 mins walk a day or just running 15 mins a day can help as a significant anti-depression medicine.


Exercising will not only help you lose weight but also ensure the strengthening of various organs of your body.


During exercise, your ability to pump up all of your system increases, and it improves the blood flow to different parts of your body, which in turn increases the oxygen level, which is healthy for the organs, especially the heart and lungs.

This improves your heart condition and lowers cholesterol and chances of a heart attack.


By now, we all sort of know that exercise is good for us for losing weight and many other factors stated above. But did you know exercise has a well-known effect on helping us with our memory?

Well yes, we also have the science to back me up for this, while you exercise there are individual neural transmitters like dopamine and noradrenaline that mainly help the brain to absorb memory and strengthen them.

losing weight improves memory

In fact, studies have shown that regular exercise might just increase the volume of your brain, thereby giving a larger networking area for you to work more efficiently.

But keep in mind that these are significant changes and cannot be achieved just by working out a day or two, to find an effective long term memory benefit you need to work out more often than what you might think. You might just start recovering from major illnesses.

Increases life expectancy

A healthy lifestyle will give you benefits for longer life. Exercise, as mentioned above, helps in decreasing many well-known diseases, and your ability to fight against disease also improves; thus, you falling sick will be least of your concern.

Exercise will reduce your chances of falling apart due to health-related diseases, especially like chronic disorders and also cancer.


Thus, we saw that exercising has its benefits, and these benefits are something that cannot be gained just by dieting or having a proper meal.

Yes, what you intake plays an essential factor in your weight loss and mental health, but exercising and losing weight can benefit you on a whole new level.


Have you been checking your scale just to see the numbers go down, and even though you are regular in maintaining physical activity, you somehow find it difficult to see any change in your weight?

This is something that is common while you exercise. Well, to make it easier for you, you need to know that the numbers cannot just define your body, sometimes its very much possible for you to see the changes in your shape without any change in your weight.

This where the role of measuring your inches comes into play. If you really want to track your progress, then better start weight and measuring yourself as well.

There are times when your fat burns and changes into muscle, thereby not losing any weight, but you might just get a better shape of your existing body.

Another reason that might lead you into not losing weight is your irregularity, and sometimes if you exercise but the amount calorie intake is more than the calorie that you lose in a day.


The amount of exercise you need to do mostly depends on what your BMI says, so first try to find out on what range you scale on.

If you find your range to be slightly on the unhealthier side and haven’t been into workouts ever, you can start slowly but be consistent at it. You need to set a goal, whether it be 20 pounds in a month or 20 pounds in 3 months. It all depends on your willingness to lose weight.

Doing something is better than not doing anything at all. Thus, A daily 30 mins workout or walk is what one can start off with and slowly increase the intensity and pace of your exercise. The first few days of your physical activity can cause Delayed onset muscle soreness; this is very common, especially if you have not been into any physical activity for a long time.

Once you get used to the routine, gradually go for a more extended period of walks and include specific strength training exercises as well.

What kind of exercise can you do?

Firstly, any kind of aerobic physical activity can help you lose a considerable amount of weight such as swimming, yoga, cycling, jogging.

Every action has its own way of helping you out in losing weight. The amount of time you devote to it matters and changes in each case.

Now coming to what exercises you can do to benefits of losing weight.

  • Strength training: quotes, pushups, plank, 
  • Yoga
  • Treadmilling
  • Weightlifting


Losing weight is something that everyone dreams of, but it is equally important to lose it in a healthy way without compromising on your mental health or sleep.

Taking Baby steps to reach your goal is absolutely fine as long as you are focused and consistent in maintaining your health.

A proper balance between your diet and exercise will give you the ultimate results for losing weight as well as obtaining all the good things that come along with it.

Now that you know all the benefits that losing weight and exercise can do to your body and health, I hope you will be no longer hesitated to start with your routine. I am sure your hard work will reflect on your health and scale as well.


What does losing 20 lbs. do to your body?

Losing any amount of weight can do wonders for your health and physic. The topmost important thing that it can provide you with is developing the confidence that you can achieve anything (i.e.: self-confidence). Other medical and phycological advantages are always there.

Can we gain weight while excising?

Sometimes there are possibilities of you to gain weight while exercising, this mainly can be caused if you intend to go on with weightlifting. The fat in your body starts to burn and new muscle formation takes place, in fact, that is how bodybuilders usually aim at doing building muscles which do not allow them to lose weight.

Does losing inches make a difference?

Yes, losing any kind of fat basically does, it’s not always necessary that one will lose weight. Burning of the fat is far more important than to lose weight. Lose in inches can play an important role in how you appear. Fitting in those pair of jeans might get easier for you.

What % weight loss is significant?

The % of weight loss totally depends on how much you weight now and what you ideal BMI should be, thus the % significant weight loss varies from person to person. But ideally 10% weight loss is considered a significant amount as well.

How much weight do we need to lose to gain health benefits?

To maintain a healthy weight loss, you in prior need to know what range you lie on the BMI index, you need not push yourself too hard to go below the normal range of your BMI as that can have adverse negative aspects as well.

What are the advantages of losing weight?

This article gives you a clear insight of the various advantages of losing weight. Advantage of losing weight using exercise is also jotted down

How can you speed up the process of weight loss?

Well, it comes with a lot of will and dedication. Regularity is something you need to focus on with you go on for a diet based on loss or exercise based. Along with these, adequate sleep, drinking fluids, having small healthy meals, and exercising will help you speed up the process.