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    HealthPandora.com is a platform that is created to provide health-related blogs in a general form.

    The contents of the Health Pandora website and blogs are not in any way to be used as medical advice or for medical treatment.

    In this platform, we tend to provide information about health and related subjects with the intention of sharing our knowledge and discuss over it, and thus showed not be taken as a substitute for a piece of professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

    Readers are suggested to consult or confirm the information from a professional healthcare provider or their doctors if facing any trouble or if they are doubtful regarding their medical conditions or treatment.

    Readers are also requested to not make health-related decisions solely based on the information provided on the site and do some thorough research of your own and take medical advice from an appropriately-credentialed health care worker.

    Health Pandora would not be responsible for any health-related problem that an individual faces after following the blogs. 

    Reliance on any information and its application of the material that would be provided in the content will the at the reader’s discretion and will be at their own risk.

    Thus careful evaluation is instead suggested as Health Pandora does not take any responsibility or guarantees in effectiveness or safety of the products, treatments that are mentioned in the contents.

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    A few of the links on this blog/website are affiliate links, which means we earn a commission when you buy the products after clicking on those links.

    Those links won’t cost you any extra money when you buy products after clicking on them. They are helping us to earn commission so that we can deliver much better content on this blog.

    Disclaimer on the contents of the site 

    Although background research is carried out for making contents in Health Pandora, since science and nutritional health research is an ever-growing and ever-evolving domain, we do don’t guarantee the accuracy of the information in the near future. The contents provided may be changed in due course of time due to further research on the particular article and thus may not be up-to-date. The authors take no obligation to update any content on the materials on the website that had already been posted.


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