Try reducing your belly fat or abdominal fat by these 6 proven ways.

Reducing belly fat is one of the most common weight loss dreams of people.

Abdominal fat is slightly harmful. The study observed great links of abdominal fat with heart-related diseases and type 2 diabetes. (1).

And because of this, reducing abdominal fat can have remarkable effects on your health.

It can be beneficial for your entire well-being.

Measuring abdominal fat can be done by measuring your waist’s circumference with a tape measure

If it comes above 40 inches, which means 102 cm in men, and 35 inches, which represents 88 cm in women, it is called abdominal obesity (2).

Many weight loss techniques can easily conquer the fat present in the belly more than any other body part.

Below-given are 6 proven ways to lose belly fat.

Follow these and then see the results.

Make sure that you have enough patients because results will be seen gradually.

And it is also a fact that good things come to those who wait.

So let’s start:                       

1. Avoid sugar as well as sugar-sweetened drinks

Snacks containing added sugars are not at all good for your health. Eating these foods in a heavy quantity may result in excessive weight gain.

Studies have proved that added sugar in your meals or in any other way is very harmful to metabolism or metabolic health (3).

Try reducing the quantity of sugar in your daily diet and even try to ignore sugary drinks. 

Several studies have observed that an excess amount of sugar in your diet is because of the heavy amount of fructose.

Note – Fructose can result in the building of fat around your abdomen as well as your liver. (4).

Sugar is mainly half glucose as well as half fructose. In short, we can say it is a mixture of both.

When you intake added sugar in decent quantity, your liver gets overburdened with fructose, and as a result, it is forced to convert it into fat, mainly belly fat.

Many people trust that this is the actual procedure behind the dangerous impacts of sugar on human health. 

It boosts abdominal fat and liver fat, too; thus, one faces insulin resistance and different metabolic issues.

Liquid sugar is more deficient in this consideration. 

The brain is not able to register the liquid calories the same way it reports the solid calories. As a result, when we have sugar-sweetened beverages, we indirectly increase our calorie count.

According to a study, including children, they were about 60% more likely to evolve obesity with every additional serving of these beverages daily. (5).

Try to reduce the sugar quantity in your daily weight loss diet and even try to ignore the sugary drinks completely. 

These sugary drinks mainly involve sugar-sweetened beverages, sugary sodas, juices, and other high sugar drinks.

Ensure that you read the labels on the products to ensure that they are not stuffed with refined sugars.

Keep in mind that the supplements sold In the market as healthy foods can also be stuffed with a reasonable sugar quantity.

Please understand one thing that, whatever we have discussed is not at all about the whole fruit.

Because whole fruit is very healthy and contains ample fiber that helps erase all the negative impacts caused by fructose.


An excess amount of sugar in your body may be the primary cause of extra fat in both the liver and abdomen.

And it is entirely accurate for sugar-sweetened beverages like juices and soft drinks.

2. Try to intake more protein

Protein is one of the most significant macronutrients for fulfilling your weight loss goal.

One of the studies proved that protein could lower cravings by about 60% and increase the metabolism or metabolic rate.

 It also proves helpful in consuming around 441 fewer calories every day.  

Adding protein to your diet can be one of the adequate amendments you can ever make if your ultimate goal is to lose weight.

Protein not only helps in losing weight but can also help avoid gaining weight again.

Protein is beneficial in decreasing abdominal or belly fat.

According to a study, people who consumed more and most sufficient quality protein had very little belly fat (6).

According to another study, the protein was associated with reducing the chance of abdominal or belly fat over time and again in women for 5 years.

This study also said that consuming refined carbs and oils may result in more abdominal fat, and on the other hand, eating fruit and vegetables can help reduce this fat.

Most of the studies have observed that protein is effective in weight loss, and while eating it, people are consuming 25–30% of their total calories. And it’s not that high, so that you may try this.

  Protein not only helps in losing weight but can also help avoid gaining weight again.

Try boosting your consumption of high protein supplements like whole eggs, fishes, legumes, right nuts, beef or meat, dairy items, and many more. 

The above mentioned are some of the healthiest protein sources for your fat loss diet.

If you face a problem in consuming enough protein, try whey protein, the adequate quality protein food.

Whey protein is an adequate as well as a healthy way to increase your total intake of protein. 

You may find an ample amount of protein powder sources online.


Consuming a hefty amount of protein may increase your metabolism or metabolic rate and even decrease the hunger levels.

And as a result, it makes it an adequate way to lose weight.

It is observed that protein is even beneficial for eliminating abdominal fat.

3. Try eating fewer carbohydrates.

Consuming good or fewer carbohydrates is an adequate method to lose fat, especially belly fat.

According to numerous studies, when people eat carbohydrates means carbs, they experience less appetite, and eventually, they lose weight (7).

More than 20 studies have demonstrated that diets containing less carbohydrates result in 2 to 3 times more loss in weight when compared with low-fat diets. 

Consuming good or fewer carbohydrates is an adequate method to lose fat, especially belly fat.

This is even true when the people in low carbohydrate groups were asked to intake as much as they can and want, while on the other hand, those in the low-fat groups were not allowed to intake many calories.

Low carbohydrate diets also result in speedy depletion in water weight, which offers quick results. 

People may notice the difference in their weight within 1 to 2 days.

Studies that have done comparison studies between low fat and low carb diets found that eating low carb decreases the amount of fat in the abdomen and around the organs and the liver. 

Just try to avoid refined carbs such as sugar, candy, along with white bread. It would be quite sufficient if you want to consume protein in high quantity.

If you aim to lose the belly or abdominal fat fast, studies found that people started reducing their carb intake by 50 grams each day. 

This holds their body into ketosis.

 Note– ketosis is a condition in which your system begins reducing fats as its primary fuel, and even there is a reduction in appetite.

Low carb diets have uncountable benefits on health apart from weight loss

They may ideally work to better the health of those who have type 2 diabetics (8).


Many studies have proved that cutting carbs(carbohydrates) is an excellent way to eliminate belly fat and the fat present in the liver and all over organs.

4. Eat foods that are rich in fiber.

Consuming fibers in an ample amount can found fruitful in losing weight.  

But, the type of fiber is essential.

It is found that mainly either soluble or viscous fibers have an impact on your weight.

These are those fibers that mainly hold or bind water together to make a thick gel that “sits” in the gut of your body.

This gel might quickly slow down the food movement through the digestive system. 

It can even slow the process of digestion as well as nutrients absorption. 

And as a result, you may experience the feeling of fullness as well as an optimal reduction in appetite.

According to one review study, an extra 14 grams of fiber each day were associated with the 10% decrease in calorie consumption and even with the weight loss of at least 2 kg for the complete four months. (9).

Another 5-year study found that consumption of 10 grams of soluble fiber every day was associated with a 3.7% decrease in the quantity of fat present, especially in the abdominal cavity (10).

This means that soluble fiber can help decrease the dangerous and harmful belly or abdominal fat.

An effective way to increase fiber consumption is to have plenty of plant foods and vegetables and fruits

Legumes, cereal such as whole oats are also some of the best sources of fiber.

You may also promote the consumption of other fiber foods such as glucomannan. 

It comes under the category of one of the most vicious dietary fibers, and some studies have demonstrated that it can be quite helpful in reducing weight. 

Please keep in mind to consult with your healthcare expert before adding any supplement or food to the dietary regimen.

An effective way to increase the consumption of fiber is to have plenty of vegetables and fruits. 


Few proofs prove that soluble dietary fiber can help in reducing the fat present in the belly.  

This can lead to better improvements in one’s metabolism and even decrease the risk of several diseases.

5. Try doing exercises regularly

Exercise is one of the best things you should try to boost up the 

possibility of living more and have a healthy and diseases free life.

It also helps decrease abdominal or belly fat under the category of best health benefits of doing exercise.

It doesn’t mean that doing exercises for abdominal fat reduction will show the results in just a few minutes. It is quite impossible. 

You have to be patient.

Aerobic exercises like walking, swimming, and running can permit measurable reductions in belly fat.

A study involving six weeks of training for reducing abdominal fat shows no significant effect on waist size or the quantity of fat present in the abdominal cavity (11).

Weight training along with cardiovascular exercise will help in reducing fat present in the body.

Aerobic exercises such as walking, swimming, and running can permit measurable reductions in belly fat.

One more study proved that regular exercises prevented people from having abdominal fat again after significant weight loss.

This means that exercise plays an ideal role during weight balancing. (12).

Exercise also reduces inflammation, lesser blood sugar levels, and betterment of other metabolic issues related to extra-abdominal or belly fat.


 Exercise plays a vital role in reducing abdominal fat and even offers different other beneficial effects on health.

6. Check and keep track of your food consumption.

We know very well that what we intake is extremely important, but many don’t even know what they are eating.

A person can think that what they are eating is rich in protein or low in carbs.

But if they are not keeping track, then they may underestimate or overestimate their food intake.

Keeping track of food consumption doesn’t mean that you must measure each snack or everything you are eating. 

Tracking the consumption for a few days can help you realize the most significant food habits you have to change.

Planning will help you achieve your goal, like increasing your consumption of protein to 25–30% of calories or reducing the intake of unhealthy or unsafe crabs.


Keeping track of your food consumption helps you avoid overestimating or underestimating it, which in turn allows you to follow a balanced and healthy diet.

These are the 6 proven ways to lose belly fat, and I hope that you will surely be able to flatten your stomach by following them.

The bottom line

Belly fat, or a abdominal fat, is highlyassociated with an increased risk of several diseases.

Many people can see the reduction in their belly fat by following somelife-style changes like having a healthy and balanced diet stuffed with lean protein, vegetables, fruit, beans and legumes.

Doing exercises along with it can also play an effective role in achieving the goal.

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