Belly fat is very annoying because it makes our clothes feel tight.

Most importantly, it is very harmful.

Visceral fat is a type of fat which is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes, diseases related to heart, and many other.

Health organizations mainly utilize BMI to range weight and foretell the danger related to metabolic disease.

However, this is deceiving people with extra belly fat are in danger no matter if they look pretty thin.

Though losing fat present in the belly could be difficult, but it is possible.

There are numerous things that you can do to lose surplus belly or abdominal fat.

Below given are 20 tips to lose belly fat that will help you in achieving your goal.

Let’s start:

1. Eat an ample amount of soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber soaks water and forms a gel-like substance that slows down meals as it crosses through the digestive system.

Several studies have proved that this kind of fiber supports weight loss by letting you feel complete means it generate the feeling of fullness so that you consume less. 

It may also help in decreasing the count of calories you intake from meals. 

Additionally, it may also help in reducing belly or abdominal fat.

An observational study involving 1,100 adults showed that for each 10-gram boost in this fiber consumption, the abdominal fat gain was reduced by 3.7% over a period of around 5-years (1).

Try to eat high fiber stuffed foods each day. 

Ultimate sources of soluble fiber are:

  • flax seeds
  • legumes
  • shirataki noodles
  • avocados
  • blackberries
  • Brussels sprouts


Soluble fiber proves fruitful in losing weight by boosting the feeling of fullness along with deducting calorie consumption. 

Try including an ample amount of high fiber in your food if you want to lose weight faster.

2. Avoid consuming foods that have trans fats.

Firstly, let us know how trans fats are created.

Trans fats are made by pushing hydrogen into unsaturated fats, like soybean oil.

These are found in margarines and spreads and often added to the packed foods, but most food producers have ended utilizing them.

Trans fats have been associated with inflammation, diseases related to the heart, insulin resistance, and belly fat gain, according to some observational and animal studies. 

 Based on a 6-year study, monkeys who consumed a diet containing high trans fat attained 33% more belly or abdominal fat when compared with those who consumed a relatively high diet in monounsaturated fat (2).

Read the ingredient labels accurately and avoid using products with trans fats in them if you want to reduce abdominal fat and take care of your health.


According to some studies, there is a connection between high trans fat consumption with boosted belly fat. 

In any case, reducing the intake of this fat is a healthy idea.

3. Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Alcohol is good for your health but only if you drink it in less amount. Alcohol is hazardous if you swill too much.

Studies conveyed that drinking alcohol in excess amounts can increase your belly fat.

Observational studies have connected heavy alcohol intake with an increased possibility of growing central obesity.

Note– central obesity means surplus storage of fat around your waist.

Cutting the amount of alcohol can help in reducing the fat around your waist. 

You don’t have to surrender completely, but restricting the single-day consumption can also be helpful.

One of the studies on alcohol involving more than 2,000 people conveyed that, who drank alcohol daily but In less amount means less than one drink each day had very less abdominal fat when compared with those who didn’t drink every day.

But whenever they drank, they drank in hefty amounts. (3).


Alcohol intake in ample amounts has been linked with increased abdominal fat. 

If you want to reduce your waist size, then try consuming alcohol in limited quantity or abstaining completely.

4. Eat a diet that is rich in protein.

Protein is one of the vital nutrients for the management of weight.

If you consume protein in a decent amount, it will boost the release of the fullness hormone PYY, which reduces hunger and increases the feeling of fullness.

Protein also helps increase the metabolic rate of metabolism and retain muscle mass when you are on a weight loss diet.

Many studies have proved that people who devour more protein have less belly fat than those who consume a poor protein diet.

Make sure to involve a rich protein source in your food, like:

  • Fish
  • Whey protein
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Dairy


Foods rich in protein, like fish, meat, legumes, and beans, are perfect for adding to your diet if you want to lose some extra belly fat.

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5. Try reducing the stress levels.

Stress can quickly increase your belly fat by triggering your adrenal glands to produce cortisol.

Note – cortisol is also called the stress hormone.

The study showed that high cortisol levels mean increased stress hormones, boosts appetite, and reduces belly fat (4).

Additionally, women who have large waist already are more likely to produce cortisol more because of stress. 

Increase in the count of cortisol results in fat gain around your waist.

To decrease belly fat, try doing certain stress-relieving activities such as yoga or meditation.

These can be adequate methods to reduce your waist size.


Stress can permit more and more fat around your waist. 

Reducing stress level should be your first option if you want to lose belly fat overnight.

6. Avoid consuming a lot of sugary meals.

Sugar indulges fructose, and fructose is associated with numerous chronic diseases when devouring excessively.

These chronic diseases include diseases related to the heart, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and obesity.

 Observational studies have noticed a connection between high sugar consumption and the boost in belly fat (5), (6).

It is significant to know that consuming more amount of sugar in any way 

can result in belly fat gain. 

Even sugars that are good for health should be utilized sparingly.

Healthy sugars, such as real honey.


Sugar consumption in excess amounts is one of the main reasons for belly fat gain in most people. 

Try reducing the intake of candy as well as processed snacks that are high in added sugar.

7. Try doing cardio exercise

Aerobic exercise such as cardio exercise is an adequate method to mark your health and decrease the calorie count.

Studies also proved that cardio is an effective form of exercise if you want to decrease your middle fat. 

But, outcomes are mixed as to whether modest or high-intensity exercise is more fruitful. 

 Nevertheless, the duration and the frequency of the exercise are more important than the intensity.

One study showed that when postmenopausal women did aerobic exercise for about 300 minutes every week, they lost much more fat from all the body areas than those who exercised for around 150 minutes every week (7).


Aerobic exercise like cardio is an acceptable way to lose belly fat. Studies have shown that it’s effective at reducing your weight.

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8. Try to cut the intake of carbs, incredibly refined carbs.

Limiting carb consumption can be very effective for reducing your belly or abdominal fat. It can also lose your overall weight.

If we talk about diet, then the diets within 50 grams of carbohydrates consumption each day can result in belly fat reduction in overweight individuals.

It is also beneficial for those who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

You are not required to follow a very strict low carbohydrate diet.

Some studies conveyed that simply swapping refined carbs with unprocessed starchy carbohydrates can balance metabolic rate and simultaneously lose fat around the waist.

According to the famous Framingham Heart Study, those who have the highest consumption of whole grains were about 17% low chances of having excess belly fat than those who consumed high refined grains in their diet (8).


Very high consumption of carbs, especially refined carbs, is linked with increased belly or abdominal fat. 

Try to limit carbohydrates or swap refined carbs with healthy and effective carbohydrates sources, like whole grains, vegetables, legumes, and many others.

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9. Try swapping some of the cooking fats with coconut oil.

Coconut oil comes under the category of the healthiest fats you can consume.

Some studies have proved that the medium-chain fats present in this oil can increase the metabolism and decrease fat stored in response to more calories consumed.

Controlled studies have conveyed that it may also result in loss of abdominal fat.

According to one study including men with obesity who consumed coconut oil daily for around 12 weeks lost almost 1.1 inches means 2.86 cm fat from their middle, most importantly without amending their exercise or routine diet (9).

However, proofs regarding coconut oil benefits for belly fat reduction are controversial and relatively weak. (10).

Keep one thing in mind that coconut oil is relatively high in calorie count. Swap some fats that you have consumed already with coconut oil instead of summing extra and excess fat in your weight loss diet.


Studies have shown that try to use coconut oil instead of other different oils can help you achieve your goal of slimming your stomach.

It is one of the best tips to lose belly fat.

10. Take resistance training means lifting weights.

Resistance training, which is also called weight lifting or strength training, is significant for gaining and preserving muscle mass.

Based on studies including type 2 diabetes, predicates, and fatty liver disease, weight lifting can also prove beneficial for reducing belly or abdominal fat.

One study, including overweight teenagers, found that a mixture of aerobic exercise and strength training results in a significant reduction in visceral fat.

If you want to begin weight lifting to reduce your belly fat, it’s an excellent idea.

 But first, get proper advice from a certified trainer or professional.


Weight lifting can be an effective weight-loss technique and can help in reducing abdominal fat. 

Studies found that it will be great if we combine weight lifting with aerobic exercise.

11. Try avoiding sugar-sweetened beverages or sugary drinks.

Sugar-sweetened beverages are stuffed with liquid fructose, and this liquid fructose can increase your belly fat.

Studies have found that sugary drinks or Sugar-sweetened beverages result in high fat in our liver. 

A 10-week study showed a belly fat gain in those people who intake high fructose drinks or beverages.

Sugary beverages are worse when compared with high sugar foods.

Because your brain does not process the liquid calories in the same way it processes the solid calories, you tend to consume much more calories later and then store them in the form of fat, belly fat.

If you want to lose abdominal fat, it’s adequate to completely ignore these beverages like:

  • Punch
  • alcoholic mixers containing a reasonable amount of sugar
  • Soda
  •  Sweet tea


Try to ignore all kinds of liquid forms of sugar, like sugar-sweetened beverages.

It is one of the best tips to lose belly fat.

12. Try getting enough sleep.

Sleep is vital not only for physical health but mental health too. 

Studies have proved that people who don’t take good sleep likely to gain more and more fat, including abdominal fat.

 Based on a 16-year study, including above 68,000 women conveyed that those women who slept for less than 5 hours each night tended to increase weight compared with those who got enough sleep of 7-8 hours every night (11).

The situation known as sleep apnea has also been said to have a connection with excess abdominal fat.

Sleep apnea is a condition when breathing stops recurrently in the night. It has also been said to have a connection with excess abdominal fat.

Apart from sleeping for a minimum of 7 hours each night, ensure you are taking sufficient and good quality sleep.

If you think you are suffering from sleep apnea or any other sleep disorder, consult with your doctor and get proper treatment.


Lack of sleep has a connection with an increased danger of fat gain.

Taking enough and quality sleep should be one of your aims if you are looking forward to losing belly fat overnight and having good health.

13. Keep track of your food consumption as well as exercise.

Many things can help you lose your weight and abdominal fat, but taking lesser calories than your system required for weight balancing is a must.

Try to maintain a food diary or use a food tracker online that can help you track your calorie count. This technique has been proved beneficial regarding weight loss.

Additionally, the food-tracking technique assists you in checking your consumption of protein, fiber, crabs, as well as micronutrients. 

Many of these tools even let you keep a record of your daily exercise and other physical activity.


According to general fat loss advice, it is always beneficial to record whatever you are consuming. 

Try maintaining a food diary or use an online food tracker. These are good ways to track your food intake or physical exercise.

14. Try to intake fatty fish every week

Fatty fish are one of the healthiest meals.

Fatty fish are not only rich in high-quality protein but also in omega-3 fats that try their best to protect you from many diseases. 

Some prove that the omega-3 fats may also help reduce visceral fat, which means belly or abdominal fat.

Studies involving adults as well as children suffering from fatty liver disease found that fish oil supplements can quickly lose liver along with abdominal fat.

Make a goal to consume 2 to 3 servings of fatty fish every week. Healthy choices include:

  • anchovies
  • mackerel
  • salmon
  • herring
  • sardines


Consuming fatty fish or omega-3 fats can improve your health. 

According to some evidence, it may help lose belly fat or abdominal fat in those suffering from fatty liver disease.

15. Avoid consuming fruit juice.

Yes! Fruit juices provide vitamins and minerals, but it is very high in sugar and many other sweetened beverages.

Drinking juices in a hefty amount can create danger for your waist size(12).

An 8-ounce means 240-mL consumption of unsweetened apple juice has 24 grams of sugar, and 50% is fructose (13).

If you want to reduce excess abdominal fat, try swapping juice with water, unsweetened iced tea.


When you are facing a fat gain, continue consuming fruit juice can be very bad. Try to avoid all sources of sugar, especially liquid sources, to reduce your weight. 

16. Try adding apple cider vinegar to your weight loss diet

Taking apple cider vinegar can prove beneficial for your health, including reducing blood sugar levels.

According to numerous animal studies, Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which is used to reduce belly fat storage.

According to a 12-week controlled study including men suffering from obesity, those who intake one tablespoon means almost 15 mL of this vinegar every day lost around half an inch means 1.4 cm from their middle (14).

Consuming 1 to 2 tablespoons means,15–30 mL of this vinegar every day is healthy for many people and can lead to measurable fat and weight loss.

However, ensure to mix it with water because undiluted vinegar can affect the enamel on the teeth.

If you want to lose belly fat, then try apple cider vinegar. There is an excellent variety of this vinegar online; you can make a wise selection from there.


Apple cider vinegar can assist you in losing measurable weight. Animal studies conveyed that it can even be helpful in the reduction of abdominal obesity or visceral fat.

17. Try to consume probiotic foods or a probiotic supplement

Probiotics are nothing but bacteria found in some supplements and meals. They are beneficial for your health, including improvement of gut health and boosting the immune system.

Studies have shown that different-different bacteria play a different role in weight maintenance, and having it in balance can help you, reducing weight, including belly fat.

Probiotic foods contain different types of bacteria, so ensure to purchase that probiotic that provides more than one bacterial strain.

It is one of the best tips to reduce abdominal obesity and if you are interested in consuming this, try Shop these supplements online.


Consuming probiotic food or supplements can support a healthy and happy digestive system. 

Studies have shown that beneficial gut bacteria can allow weight loss and especially belly fat loss.

18. Try to do intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a prevalent method for weight loss.

Intermittent fasting is just an eating pattern that revolves between periods of fasting and periods of eating.

According to one popular method involving 24-hour fasting either once or twice every week. 

Another study involves fasting each day for almost 16 hours and consuming all their meal within a period of 8-hour.

In the outcomes of studies on this type of fasting(intermittent) and alternate-day, people noticed a 4 to 7% reduction in belly fat in just 6 to 24 weeks (15).

There is much evidence indicating that intermittent fasting and alternate-day fasting may not be as productive for women as it is for men.

However, several modified intermittent fasting techniques seem to be relatively better options.

Note – End fasting as soon as possible if you notice any kind of adverse effects.


Intermittent fasting is just an eating way that cycles between periods of fasting and period of eating.

Studies have proved that it is one of the best tips if you want to lose belly fat.

19. Try drinking green tea

Green tea is a good thing for weight maintenance and has different other health benefits.

Green tea contains caffeine and the antioxidant epigallocatechingallate (EGCG), both prove helpful in improving metabolic health.

EGCG is a catechin, and according to the outcomes of numerous studies, it might help lose abdominal fat. 

The results will be seen faster if green tea is combined with your daily exercise.


Having green tea is associated with weight loss, though it’s not that effective on its own. The results could be seen if it is combined with routine exercise.

It is one of the best tips for losing belly fat.

20. Try making modifications in your lifestyle and adopt different methods

Just doing only one thing on this list won’t show any significant changes on its own.

You have to combine different and unique methods with your lifestyle if you want to see measurable results.

Surprise, most of these methods are linked with proper eating and a complete healthy and satisfying lifestyle.

That is why modifying your lifestyle for a long time is an effective way to lose your belly or visceral fat.

When you start eating healthy food and embracing healthy living, fat loss will happen automatically; you will not require to do anything extra.


Losing weight, especially belly fat, is quite tricky, but it could be possible if you permanently change your eating habits and embrace a healthy lifestyle.

The bottom line

Belly fat is a problem that has no magic solution

Not only belly fat but even your overall weight loss, requires some hard work, commitment, efforts, desire andpatiencefrom yourside.

Adoptingthe strategies and lifestyle vision discussed in the article will surelyassist you inlosing extra fat around your waist.

And your dream to have a flat stomach will be fulfilled.

I hope that by following these ways, you will be able to flatten your stomach.

But please have patience. Effects will be seen gradually.

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