Using ginger for weight loss although has been a word around for quite some time, but do you think it even works?

And if so, how does it help? And how to use it for weight loss?.

Well don’t worry if these are some of the few doubts that you have then I’m sure reading this article will help you with your queries.

Ginger has always been known for its antiseptic properties, doctors and nutritionist have always promoted the incorporation of ginger and garlic in our diet for better metabolism and health care. But ginger for weight loss, how does that work now, let’s see.

Losing weight can be a challenging thing if one does not know how to proceed with the process. Even though the very first thing that comes to our mind while thinking of weight loss is an exercise which in no way is wrong, but there should also be other things that should help you aid the process of weight loss.

This is where your old kitchen friend comes into place; ginger has a significant role in metabolizing our food, promote better digestion, burning calories, etc. In this article, we will unleash the ways ginger is used for weight loss.

Although there are other very generously known ways such as flaxseed for weight loss, apple cider vinegar for weight loss, and also essential oils for weight loss, let’s see what ginger has in stored for us in terms of weight loss.

We shall proceed with the article in the following manner:

WHAT IS GINGER-A brief into

Ginger is essential a flowering plant that is scientifically known as Zingiber officinale. These flowering plants roots are the main ginger that we use on our day to day life, mostly as a spice.

Ginger is that kind of plant that is available throughout the year and is also cultivated throughout the year. One of the most commonly and popularly used forms of ginger is dried ginger. These gingers are exported throughout the globe for health and cooking purposes.

Ginger is abundantly found and grown in the Asian regions, the plant id richly rich in antioxidants, and other natural chemicals that help in losing weight.

The medical history of ginger is tremendous and is highly recommended even by the doctors to decrease inflammation, better digestion, and suppress appetite.


Researchers have explored ginger for various medicinal properties, and some studies show evidence for its effectiveness in our body for better health and wellness.

Here we have listed down the top benefits of ginger in general apart from its weight loss property that also comes along if you have ginger or consume it in any form in your daily routine.

  1. Acts as an antioxidant
  2. Helps to reduce inflammation
  3. Helps to reduce cholesterol
  4. Can treat forms of morning sickness or nausea.
  5. Reduces soreness in body and muscles.
  6. Maintains blood-sugar level
  7. Have the potential to prevent cancer
  8. Anti-microbial properties

Gingers help in decreasing blood sugar level and insulin in our body which helps in losing weight.[1]


There are essential active compounds in ginger that helps in reducing the fat content of our body. One of the most commonly known and studied is the presence of gingerol and 6-paradol[2].

There are many studies giving evidence on the compounds responsible for the weight loss in our body. And some researchers’ have also tried to get to the roots of the process by which ginger acts as an active weight loss element.

According to doctors and researchers, there are mainly three ways by which ginger is capable of burning fat or of stopping the accumulation of the fat in our body, those being:

Helps in burning fat by activation of other compounds

Ginger has a prominent way to help our body burn the fat with the help of activating the brown fat in our body.

A study in 2010 showed how extracts of ginger had the potential to activate brown fat, and there was an increase in the temperature of the adipose tissues that is the process of thermogenesis was activated which helps in burning fat and calories in our body.[3]

Reduces cholesterol/lipid in the body

 Ginger is also known to have sound effects on the bad cholesterol in our body; the accumulation of cholesterol is an indication of weight gain and can lead to imbalances in our body. Thus removing or controlling blood cholesterol is also essential.

A study in 2013 found similar results in rats; the study found that the intake of ginger supplements in the diet of rats led to reduce in the lipid profile and increase in HDL-cholesterol in them, thus proving the positive effects of ginger to reduce body weight.

Although the study was in an animal model, the results and effects were quite promising and showed the potential of ginger for further research.

Reduces cravings

One of the most essential factors that every one of us faces is the feeling of eating and munching more on food, thus eating more food after 30 mins of the interval is one of the causes of weight gain.

So how do we reduce the feeling to eat more? Ginger is here to help you out.

Ginger is said to have the ability to make us feel full and gives us a feeling of full appetite and satiety.

A study in 2013 studied the effects of ginger on this aspect of appetite in overweight men and found out that ginger not only reduced the feeling of hunger but also enhanced thermogenesis and thus helping in losing weight.[4]

Helps in better digestion

 Ginger has active compounds that help in digestion, and the entire process of digestion is smooth and fastens.

Studies have seen the intake of ginger helps in better digestion and also help to improve metabolism in our body, thus helping in burning more fat[5].

A study in 2019 showed evidence of ginger being an active ingredient to reduce body weight with the help of speeding of digestion and also stabilizing other factors such as glucose level and increase of HDL-cholesterol[6].


There are various ways you can use ginger for weight loss, here I have listed down the most prominent ways you can incorporate ginger in our life to helping you lose a few pounds.

Raw ginger

 You can chew onto a piece of raw ginger every morning before breakfast in an empty stomach. This will help in better digestion throughout the day.

Ginger+ Lemon

Having ginger and lemon water in the morning can really help you out with better weight loss journey.

This mixture will be rich in antioxidants, and active ingredients of lemon, as well as ginger, this will help in metabolism.


How to make ginger+ lemon water?

  1. Take around 2gms of ginger (wash, peel and grate it) and boil in water for 10 mins/ take the ginger paste and with the help of a muslin cloth squeeze out the ginger juice from it in a glass.
  2. Add one tablespoon of lemon in it.
  3. Add some homey or black salt to make it taste a bit better
  4. Drink it every morning in empty stomach.

Dried ginger smoothie

 Having smoothie is always the best way to start your morning routine with, thus try to incorporate a much of healthy ingredients in the smoothies and drink it as a breakfast diet.

How to make a ginger smoothie?

  1. Take healthy green vegetables or leaves such as spinach in the mixer
  2. Add freshly cut ginger in the mixer
  3. Add lemon juice

Ginger tea

 Drinking hot ginger tea is the ultimate way to incorporate ginger in your routine. Ginger tea helps to bring freshens in your tiring sleepy days and also adds in a ton of antioxidants infused in water for better metabolic activities.

Hot Ginger Tea

How to make ginger tea for weight loss?

  1. Make think slices of ginger and smash it properly (before that wash and peel the ginger).
  2. In a pan, take some water for the tea and put the freshly crushed ginger in the water.
  3. Put the pan on the stove and boil the water for 7-10 mins, in low flame.
  4. Add some tea leaves (recommended green tea/chamomile tea)
  5. Boil for another 5 mins
  6. You can strain it and have it directly like this or add some lemon/honey/stevia.

Ginger powder

 This one of the most recent forms of ginger, people have started to add in ginger in their diet with the help of ginger powder, as it is easy to use and can in added in any dish easily.

How to use ginger powder for weight loss?

  1. You can directly drink it with water- take a tablespoon of ginger powder and mix it in 15 ml of water and drink it every morning.
  2. You can add it in your daily cooking recipes.
  3. Try to add as a dressing for salads.

 Ginger capsules

 In today’s market, ginger capsules have become the new hit for weight loss. The ginger capsules or supplements have been in trend since a long time, and people have indulged into consuming these ginger supplements quite delightfully.

Ginger capsules

Ginger has a very pungent and intense flavor, there are few who cannot take the strong taste of ginger. If you find it difficult for you to consume raw ginger, then this is the best way you can consume ginger without actually tasting it.

 Ginger capsules are very readily available online as well as in any pharma-shop, so you would not have to worry for its availability.


Apart from ginger, other remedies can help you out with weight loss.

The best way to lose weight would be to incorporate a little of everything in a balanced way, you can, of course, start with the natural remedies to lose weight, but I personally don’t find dieting as the best way to lose someone’s weight.

Here I have listed down a few other things that might help you out in your journey, in case if you are not that comfortable with the intake of ginger.

 Balance of all these elements along with another healthy and natural factor swill surely help you achieve the fit body that you are aspiring for.


Although ginger is very natural and usually doesn’t have any side effects, but anything in too much amount might cause some side effects.

Apart from the natural side effects, there are few things that you should be aware of regarding the usage of ginger so as to avoid any side effects and thus kindly follow these or at least keep it in your mind before indulging into any of these activities.

  • Allergies: Although ginger is a spice that almost everyone would be able to digest and consume, there might be few rare cases where you may not be able to digest ginger, especially in its raw form. Thus its becomes essential to check for any allergic reaction by consuming very little of it.
  • Too much intake may sometime cause constipation problems; thus, you should be aware of your consumption of ginger.
  • People with some gallbladder problems can try and avoid the usage of ginger.
  • Can burn your tongue/throat: Since ginger has a strong taste and aroma, it might be too strong for your tongue and throat if in case you are sensitive to strong odors and tastes, thus its best to consume it in a diluted form or in the form of capsules.
  • May interfere with your medication: It’s always suggested to consult a doctor if in case you are under a high dose of any serious medications or if you are unsure of its use. Because in some instances ginger has shown to interact with certain medications.
  • Should be avoided by pregnant women


I am sure after reading the article, you would have inclined a little bit more towards ginger, and you certainly would be looking forward to using this amazing spice in your daily routine. As we saw, it does concentrate on losing weight but also helps in many other health benefits, but having said so few precautionary terms had been provided as well.

So kindly use the information wisely and if required study a little more on it or even consult some doctor regarding the same if you are having second thoughts for the same.