If you are planning to get pregnant, then ovulation will play a crucial role in this.

It is only during a short window of ovulation day time that you can conceive.

This makes it more important to know about your ovulating day.

But before that, what is ovulation?

Ovulation refers to the release of an egg by the women’s body. It gets released by the ovary, which then gets into the fallopian tube.

Here egg met with its partner i.e., Sperm and got fertilized.

If this egg gets fertilized, then you will become pregnant; otherwise, this will get out through your regular periods.

SO  we can say that our regular periods are nothing else but a weeping of an egg that gets failed to get fertilized. Poor egg.

Once you get pregnant, your body will stop releasing egg unless your fetus gets developed into a baby and gets delivered.

Then your body will return to its job and again start to release eggs.

But for all this process of pregnancy to get happened, it is necessary to know your ovulation date. It makes your way to pregnancy easy.

Points that we will discuss in this article will be :

  1.   What is ovulation
  2.   Symptoms of ovulation day
  3.   Detection of the ovulation period

So let’s get started.

Ovulation is a physical phenomenon associated with every sexually healthy woman belonging to the fertile age group. 

As we all know, women’s body has two ovaries. These ovaries are tasked to produce an egg. 

What happens is ovaries releases egg, which is also known as an ovum. Once it gets mature only then, it can be fertilized. 

Usually, this ovum gets matured at about 12-14th day of your last menstrual period. 

But it varies a lot among women.

When this egg gets released, then it travels to the fallopian tube. Here it waits for its partner i.e., Sperm.

But as we know, women always hate to wait, so does their egg.

It cannot wait more than 12-24 hours. That means once the egg gets raptured, then it should have to be fertilized within 12-24 hours by Sperm. If this window gets missed out, then you will have to wait for a one long month.

Whereas if we talk about Sperm cell, then it can wait more then a women’s egg can. It can survive up to 5 days in women body, depending on the quality of the sperm cell.

It shows how small this time window is to get pregnant. This makes it more important to know your ovulation period. 

Now let’s have a look on symptoms associated with ovulation day.

7 Best Proven Symptoms Of Ovulation Day

  •   Most commonly noticed symptom is increases in basal body temperature. 
  •   Then comes cervical mucus. It becomes more transparent and thinner during ovulation. It somewhat makes similarity with egg white.
  •   Your cervix will get soften up. But it is quite tedious for us to know about this fact in our examination.
  •   You can feel little pain or cramp in your lower abdomen. It can be concentrated at one side of your abdomen. Reason for it is that although your body has two ovaries as they have to produce one egg each month. Thus only one ovary works at a time. You will feel pain at the side of the ovary, which is at work.
  •   You will notice that your temptation for sex will increase. It is because of hormonal changes in your body
  •   It may sometimes happen that you may see some spotting also.
  •   You will notice that your vagina gets swollen.

Detection of Ovulation period

Detection of the ovulation period can increase your chances of conceiving to a high level. Thus detection of ovulation period became eminent.

The detection will be associated with the symptoms because we will be required to detect the above-stated signs. 

Let’s have a look at these detection techniques one by one.

  1.   Using ovulation Calculator:- You can use an ovulation calculator to detect your ovulation period. You can easily find the same on the internet. 

But the main concern lies in the fact that this calculator will ask you for your period cycle because the period cycle for a woman can vary between 25-35 days. 

Thus you have to be sure of your cycle to know the exact ovulation period.

For this note down your period’s date for a few months. Within a few months, you will quickly conclude that what is your period cycle. 

2. The second method can be calculating your basal body temperature. Firstly what is basal body temperature?

It is a temperature when your body is at rest. Naturally, you cannot note it down while sleeping. So it should be noted when you wake up from sleep and not indulged in any physical activity.

By noting it down for certain days will let you know when you are ovulating.

Do you know why this change in basal temperature occurs during ovulation period.?????????

The reason is hormonal changes.

Before ovulation, estrogen is in abundance in our body, while during ovulation progesterone’s domination will start. It will cause an increase in body temperature. 

  •   You can notice the pain at your lower abdomen while your ovary is releasing the egg. 
  •   You can also get to know about ovulation while seeing cervical mucus. As already stated, it will become more transparent and slippery. Although it is quite a messy exercise.
  •   The easiest way is to go for ovulation predictor kit. It is the most comfortable method to be followed. It detects the luteinizing hormone. This hormone gets to shoot up before you are going to ovulate. 
  •   You can also take a look of the cervix to had a better understanding of when you are going to ovulate. It will get opened up along with getting soften. All this happens to make a smooth entry of Sperm into your body. 

SO you can sense how intelligent our body is.

Now comes the detection part. That is how to detect your cervix?

For some women, it is quite easy. You can use your finger for this. Use or two-finger to measure the opening of the cervix.  Make a record of the observation. 

In this way, you can know your ovulation period and plan accordingly.

But also remember that for some, getting pregnant will be very easy while for some, it can become a cumbersome process.

But do not leave your hope. 

Because some times where science ends, creative power gets into work.

For this creative power, there exist no rules. 

We had heard of scientific miracles. 

SO do have patience and persistence and else left on creative power.

We wish you happy pregnancy…………….