If you are here cause, you have just lost weight and don’t know what you can do to get rid of those stretch marks, then firstly appreciate yourself for the fact that you finally did it.

The hardest part of your journey is almost over, and now you need to relax a bit, give yourself a well-deserved treat.

In addition, if you are still restless, and want to know how to deal with the stretch marks due to the weight loss, then we are here to guide you through your doubts.

And if you are someone who is about to embrace the weight loss journey and take steps accordingly, then my friend you are in the right place.

To start treating something before it occurs comes along with the good old saying “prevention is better than cure”.

I know stretch marks can cause a great deal of concern, but you need not always deal with things that are literally out of your control, yes you can take preventive measures if available but let the pace of your worry take a break for a change.

There are certain aspects of losing weight that can be quite a handful for anyone. Although it catches your attention very prominently but, you can “not overthink” about it.

Weight loss comes with its own benefits and sometimes a bit of con, which is the stretch marks that go with it.

Although it is a natural thing that is common for most people and can occur anytime during your lifetime but can be dealt with care. So how do we deal with the stretch makes due to weight loss?

Here is an outline as to how we will proceed with that question

  • What causes stretch marks?
  • How to deal with stretch marks
  • Treatments and Prevention for stretch marks due to weight loss
  • Concluding statement


Our body, in general, does a great job of maintaining our health. With all that we make it go through, at times it becomes too much even for the body to handle the circumstances.

stretch marks due to weight loss

To make you understand it in a better way, imagine having a pair of elastic jeans. At first, when you bought it, it did fit you well because it was based on your size when you first bought it, now there come two scenarios:

1st Scenario–

you wear it regularly and make yourself comfortable in it, after a point even if you gain weight due to your regular use of the pants you will not find it much difficult to fit in it.

2nd Scenario–

if you don’t wear it that often, and suddenly gain weight and try to wear it, you will notice a resistance caused in the pant, that is exactly what happens with our body,

The jeans being your skin (the cells for elasticity)

 Rapid gain or loss of weight can cause stretch marks, and the word “rapid” is essential. Because anything that you do gradually whether it be your weight loss mission or the intake of your food, it causes a sudden change to your body, making it stress for your body that they aren’t ready for.

Thus, when you gain a subsequent amount of weight, the cells of your body gives up, even though they have elasticity in them, there comes a limit upto, which your body can handle and take things.

Once the threshold reaches, there are micro tear that takes place in your cells eventually develop as the stretch mark. Even after losing weight, the cells can hardly repair that micro tear but your body being your flexible suit tries to come back to your normal state but leaving you with the scars.

Dealing with the stretch marks due to weight loss can be a hit or a miss, if you do not understand the actual deal of stretch marks and how they occur.


Every single person is prone to getting stretch marks, and that’s why from a perspective of preventing it than just getting rid of it, it is important that you know the science behind stretch marks, why it happens, this will clearly give you an idea what are the things you need to follow.

The problem of stretch marks arrives from the dermis layer of our skin, which are highly crucial for giving our skin the structure and elasticity that it has.

You might notice that stretch marks aren’t the same for every other person, i.e. they differ from person to person. This difference is mainly due to the amount of elastic cells(collagen and elastin) that one has, people having more of these cells, suffer less.

What causes less amount of collagen and elastin in our body?

Genetically prone:

Genetics plays an essential role in stretch marks, some people have genetic issues of producing less amount of collagen and elastin cells. Yes, like any other thing in this world, we all can just “blame it on genes”. So dealing with stretch marks due to weight loss isn’t applicable here, cause genes are something you can’t change.

what causes stretch marks


 When I talk about stress, it’s not only the apparent physical stress that I am implying, mental stress can also cause stretch marks. The question being, how?

There are certain hormones called the “stress hormone” cortisone that is primarily released when you are obviously under a stressful situation.

getting stretch marks from working out

Your body has its way to help you out during stress, increases in the production of cortisone take place when under pressure, now how is that harmful, you might think?

Well, you see these stress hormones are useful, maybe when you need an adrenaline rush as a dog chases you, but our body takes any kind of stress signal as a responsibility, thus trying to help you.

Now when you are stressed due to work, your life, or even if you are over-over exercising, more than what is required of, that is when they are produced, though there aren’t needed as such. 

This restricts the formation of elastin and collagen cell, I guess the rest you can figure out.

 Prevention and treatment of stretch marks due to weight lose

The preventive measures are much more useful than you trying hard to get rid of it, certain home treatments might help you out with the process, but remember you can start early with the preventions to avoid stretch marks in your near future.

Here I have noted down few preventive measures that you can take to avoid stretch marks while losing weight.


Consult a doctor

There is nothing better than just getting a well-advised routine that you can follow during your weight loss journey; consultation with your doctor will help you figure out the situation in a much healthier way.

stretch marks caused due to weight loss

Their detailed information based on your health statistic and condition will help you deal with the stretch marks caused due to weight loss.

Healthy ways of gaining or losing weight

By now, you must have figured out that anything rapid you try doing, can backfire at you, so the best way to lose weight is doing it gradually; you need not be in a hurry if you don’t want side effects like the stretch marks on your body.

how to lose weight by meditation

You can always take your own time to lose weight if needed, consult a dietitian or a weight loss instructor who can guide you in your process.

Keep yourself hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is something that you should follow in general, regardless of what your aim is. Hydrating yourself helps your body to work appropriately, as the stress can occur from internal dehydration as well and you tend to deal with the stretch marks due to weight loss in an approachable way.

remove stretch marks with drinking water

Which in turn might elevate your stress hormone, and we clearly don’t want that.

Add in more vitamin and mineral in your diet

Deal and prevent stretch marks due to weight loss by maintaining a nutritious and healthy diet has always been important, even while you want to lose weight.

vitamin c e and d to losing the stretch marks

Thus keep in mind that you put in your utmost seniority to maintain a good and healthy meal

Moisturise yourself

As we know now, that the main cause of the lesions on your body that is the stretch marks due to weight loss is caused due to the lack of fibroblast (elastin and collagen).

moisture get glowing are stretch marks free skin

Thus what you can do is use moisturiser in your skincare regime that either helps to develop collagen or maintain the properties of the elastin and collagen cells.

Regular moisturising helps you to maintain the elasticity of your skin, which is the basics of avoiding stretch marks.


So, now coming to what can you do once you have already got the stretch marks, now there can be two situations in this scenario:

1st Scenario-

if your marks are raw/new (red/purple in colour), these are much easy treatable

2nd Scenario-

if your marks have matured (white/silvery in colour), these take time to be cured permanently, and the treatments for the same also start being more expensive.

Therefore, in either case, you need to have some patience and keep the regularity.

There are loads of treatment and remedies that are suggested in various website and commercial market as well. But their claim of being able to get rid of stretch marks are faint and unheard of, because they lack the evidence claiming the same.

I am listing below all the possible treatments or remedies you can try out, but before diving yourself into any of these treatments, it is better to consult a doctor regarding the same as their effects on your body may vary from person to person.

Thus, any qualified specialists in this field, who can give you a better idea regarding the same, is a safer way to go with these remedies.


natural remedies for stretch marks


  • Creams and ointments(Tretinoin cream)
  • Regular oil massages
  • Chemical peel
  • Glycolic acid
chemical peels for stretch marks due to weight loss
Use of chemical peels and other ointments are recommend by doctors for removal of stretch marks due to weight loss. Do consult a doctor first.


  • Pulse dye treatment
  • Laser surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery
surgical treatment for stretch marks

Even though these are quite well known for the results they provide, they can be temporary, and personally, I would suggest you go through such unwanted, expensive surgeries for your stretch marks.


Even though stretch marks are something that are not well looked upon, you should not get in the trouble of getting rid it them as well, because it causes no harm to your body when compared to what ill effect obesity can cause. Stretch marks are quite common and are not to be ashamed about, especially if you got them from losing weight, because it represents a symbol of your victory, something you should be proud of.

This article was aimed to provide general information to all the curious minds out there and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Having said so, if your curiosity wants to explore new areas can certainly go ahead with the treatments, only with the proper prior guidance and consultation with a professional doctor.


What happens to stretch marks when you lose weight?

Well, in short, any rapid changes in your body can lead you to develop stretch marks, thus if you already have them and are expecting it to go away then that is something not possible,

Losing weight not necessarily means you will lose the marks as well, it acts like another scare that you get, it takes time to heal maybe several months, but don’t worry yourself regarding the same

How to prevent stretch marks while losing weight?

It is always advisable to try and prevent from getting yourself stretch marks than worrying about it once you already get it, there are ways like adding Vitamin D in your diet, keeping yourself hydrated, actually consulting a doctor, etc.

Will stretch marks go away if you work out?

Firstly, it is a very normal aspects of your body, and every other person out their once in their lifetime gets it, so you aren’t alone in this. Coming to the question, It’s a bit difficult to say it as well everyone’s body works differently and it totally depends on how much of a change have you made your body go through.

If there are drastic changes you went through, then it might take some time for it to go away, you can try the treatments suggested above in the article, after consulting your doctor and seethe results.

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