Before discussing how to use Aloe Vera Plant, let us first discuss what aloe vera is?

What exactly is aloe vera?

Aloe vera is a plant, a medicinal plant that has been mainly utilized to provide treatment to several health diseases for centuries.

how to use aloe vera plant

 It is pretty safe to use it from the plant directly, or you may also purchase it in the form of a gel.

Aloe Vera is a medical plant that is beneficial for your skin as well as for your health.

Aloe vera gels, creams, and ointments are stuffed with the gel present in the leaves of aloe vera.

These products can be used to fight several skin problems. 

Aloe can be sold in liquid form or in a capsule to have good health and proper well-being.

Please continue reading to know how to use the aloe vera plant and learn about the benefits and risks.

How to harvest the aloe vera plant ?

It is effortless to harvest an aloe vera plant for preparing it in the form of gel and juice. 

First of all, you will be required to mature a plant that is a few years old. This makes us sure about a dense concentration of the active ingredients.

You will be required to wait for a few weeks before cutting the leaves from the aloe vera plant. 

You should have a few aloe plants on rotation if you are planning to harvest them frequently.

Below given are the steps for harvesting the aloe plant, to use it in the form of gel and juice:

Let’s begin:-

  • Firstly, remove 3 to 4 leaves of the plant at a time, try to choose thick leaves from the plant’s outer section.
  • Make sure that the leaves are perfectly healthy and are free of damage.
  • Try to cut the leaves very close to the stem. Mostly the healthy nutrients are present at the base of these aloe leaves.
  • Try to ignore the roots of the plant.
  • Now, wash and then dry these leaves.
  • Cut the edges of it with the help of a knife.
  • With the help of a knife or your fingers, try to separate the gel inside from its outside.  The gel present inside is the portion of the leaves that you will utilize.
  • Permit the yellow sap to void out from these leaves. It is nothing but the aloe vera latex.  If you are planning to utilize this latex, then you may store this in any container.  With the help of a knife or your fingers, try to separate the gel from the aloe plant. And if you are not supposed to use the latex, you may discard it.
  • Now, try to cut the aloe vera gel into cubes or slices.

   This is how you can harvest the aloe vera plant for gel or juice.

Note– If you need a smooth gel, after the separation of the aloe from the outside of the leaf, you may use a blender to grind the aloe then strain it to remove the pulp from it. Hope that you have learnt to produce gel out of the aloe vera plant.

Now let us move forward with our discussion and know how to use fresh aloe vera gel.

How to use aloe gel

You may easily apply aloe gel to your skin directly, or you can also follow the recipe to produce a beauty product made at home. 

It may also be added to the smoothie, drinks, as well as foods.

Recipe to make aloe vera juice:

To make aloe vera juice, use a cup of fluid for every two spoons of aloe vera gel. 

Try to include other ingredients, such as fruit.

Then, with the help of a blender or food processor, try to mix your drink.

If you want to eat the slices of aloe vera gel but not at that moment, keep it in the fridge, but it would be great to devour it as soon as possible. 

You will have to keep aloe vera gel in your freezer if you are not using it right away.

Now, we will study numerous ways to use Aloe Vera.

How to use aloe vera

There are numerous ways of using aloe vera, both internally and topically.

1. Heals burns

Heals burns because of its moisturizing, soothing, and cooling properties; aloe vera often helps treat burns.

  If you are suffering from a sunburn, then try applying aloe vera for few times a day at that burnt area. 

According to a 2013 study (1), including 50 participants showed that those who have used its gel for nursing partial and superficial burns conveyed much better outcomes when compared with the group that took the help of a 1 percent silver sulfadiazine cream to heal their burns.

The aloe vera users proved easy and fast burn healing and pain relief. Along with this, is has another plus point of being inexpensive.

Much more research is required, but one study (2) showed that aloe gel could quickly treat the burn wound.

If you are suffering from sunburn or any other mild burn, then try applying aloe vera for few times a day at that burnt area. 

If you are suffering from a severe burn, then firstly seek medical attention before applying aloe vera.

2. Improves the digestive health

If you intake aloe, It will be beneficial for your digestive system, and It will also help to smooth and cure stomach ailments and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

A 2018 review [3] Involving three studies with 151 people proved that aloe has mainly improved the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome when compared with a placebo. 

Most importantly, no worse effects were noted; however, more research is required to use a bigger study size.

Consuming aloe will be beneficial for your digestive system and also in smoothing, along with IBS.

Also, aloe vera helps impede the widening of Hpylori bacteria present in the digestive tract and can result in ulcers.

Keep one thing in consideration that this advice is only and only for aloe vera. 

Another aloe vera plant can be poisonous and must not be consumed.

3. Improves oral health

Aloe vera toothpaste and mouthwash are some of the best options if you want to enhance your oral hygiene and decrease plaque.

Outcomes of a 2017 study [4] showed that those who took the help of an aloe vera toothpaste resulted in noticeable improvements in their oral health.

The study involved around 40 adolescents, which were further divided into two groups. 

Every group either used toothpaste made up of aloe vera or a regular toothpaste containing triclosan two times daily.

After one month, the toothpaste made up from aloe was proven to be more significant and effective in lowering candida, gingivitis, and plaque compared with triclosan toothpaste.

Those who took the help of aloe vera toothpaste found effective oral health without any adverse side effects.

  Aloe vera toothpaste is one of the best options if you want to enhance your oral hygiene.

4. Clears acne

If you want to clear up acne, use aloe on your face. 

You may even buy the aloe products developed for acne, including creams, cleansers, and toners. 

These have the excess benefit of having other adequate ingredients, too.

Acne products made up of aloe could be very irritating for your skin than conventional acne treatments.

According to the outcome of a small 2014 study [5], a cream merging traditional acne medicine with aloe vera gel was ideally more adequate than the acne treatment alone or placebo in nursing lenient to moderate acne.

Under this study, effects were noticed in lower inflammation levels and fewer injuries in the group that utilized the mixture cream over almost eight weeks.

5. Relieves anal fissures

If you are suffering from anal fissures, then try an aloe vera cream to that area many times in the day.

It may prove helpful in its treatment and healing.

According to a 2014 study [6], applying a cream including aloe juice powder was effective and adequate in nursing anal fissures. People used an aloe cream almost three times a day and for six weeks.

Improvements were seen in hemorrhaging upon defection, pain, as well as wound healing. 

If you are suffering from anal fissures, then try an aloe vera cream to that area many times in the day.

These outcomes were different from the control group. At the same time, this research is very accurate.

However, further studies are required to swell this research.[7]

Note – Please consult with your doctor before taking any action. So, there are numerous ways of using aloe vera, both internally and topically. I hope that it would be proved helpful for your health and overall well-being.