This article will have a healthy discussion on the top 7 aloe vera uses in detail. But we will first have an overview of our topic.


Aloe vera gel taken out from the aloe vera plant is known to treat sunburn and even help heal wounds.

But you will be shocked to know that your favorite aloe vera plant can often be used for different other purposes except for sunburn treatment and decoration of households.

There are various aloe vera plant uses.

aloe vera uses

This plant has been used for many medicinal purposes for centuries.

This aloe vera plant is native to Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Canary Islands. 

Today, this plant is grown worldwide in tropical climates. 

There are many aloe vera uses ranging from healing heartburn to adequately lowering the spread of breast cancer and much more.

Researches have begun unlocking the benefits and uses of aloe vera and its various by-products.

Top 7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera

1. Heartburn healing

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is nothing but a digestive problem that usually results in heartburn problems. 

Based on the 2010 review (1), taking 1-3 ounces of aloe vera gel at the time of meal could decrease GERD’s seriousness. 

It can even help in solving other issues related to digestion. The low toxicity of this plant helps in making gentle and quiet, safe treatment for heartburn.

It is one of the best aloe vera gel uses.

2. Keeping produce fresh

One 2014 study (2) was published by the Cambridge University Press online, noticed tomato plants covered with an aloe gel’s help. 

 Aloe vera gel could let vegetables and fruits stay healthy, fresh, and safe.

The study found proof that the covering significantly locked the growth of different dangerous bacteria types on the vegetables. 

The same outcome was found in another study (3) conducted with apples. 

This specifies that the aloe vera gel could let vegetables and fruits stay healthy, fresh, safe, and vanishes the requirement for harmful chemicals that increase the product’s shelf life.

3. An alternative to mouthwash

According to a 2014 study (4) printed in the Ethiopian Journal, researchers showed that the aloe vera extract is highly safe and a practical option for chemical-based mouthwashes

The aloe vera plant’s natural ingredients that include a heavy and efficient vitamin C dose can chunk the plaque. 

Aloe Vera is even fruitful to you if you are suffering from bleeding as well as swollen gums.

This also comes under the category of aloe vera uses.

4. Decreasing the blood sugar

Based on a study ( 5) in Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytopharmacy and phototherapy, taking just two spoons of aloe juice each day can reduce blood sugar levels in people who have type 2 diabetes.

Aloe vera medicinal uses also involve the relief for the people suffering, especially from type 2 diabetes.

This means that the aloe vera plant might have a bright and healthy future in the treatment of diabetes. 

The study confirmed these outcomes (6) printed in Phototherapy Research that took the help of pulp extract.

But people who have diabetes, who intake glucose-lowering medications, should take care while taking aloe vera. 

The juice, as well as, diabetes medications can decrease the glucose count to harmful levels.

5. A natural laxative

Aloe vera is known to be a natural laxative. 

The studies have noticed the benefits of the plant to assist digestion. The outcomes are pretty mixed.

A group of Nigerian scientists managed a study (7) involving rats. It showed that the gel made up with the help of aloe vera houseplants was highly able to assuage constipation. 

But one more study (8) conducted by the National Institutes of Health searched at the aloe vera whole-leave produce consumption. 

These resulted in the growth of tumors in the large intestines of the rats used in the study.

In the year 2002, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration asked that all over-the-counter laxative aloe products be erased from the market of the U.S. or to be recreated.

The Mayo Clinic said that uses for aloe vera involved healing constipation, but sparingly. 

They said that a dose of around 0.04 to 0.17 grams of dry juice is enough.

If you have Crohn’s disease, hemorrhoids, or colitis, you should avoid taking aloe vera. 

It can result in severe diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

If you have other medications, then you should stop consuming aloe vera. It might lower your system’s ability to soak the drugs.

6. Skin Care

Uses for aloe vera involve skin clear and keep it hydrated. 

 This is because the aloe vera plant thrives in unstable, dry climates. To survive and grow in dry and harsh situations, the aloe plant’s leaves reserve water. 

These water-filled leaves, mixed with the plant’s unique compounds called complex carbohydrates, try to make it a good face cleanser, moisturizer, and pain reliever.

So, we can say that Aloe vera’s medicinal uses include skincare too.

7. Ability to fight breast cancer

A study (9) printed in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine noticed the therapeutic properties of aloe-emodin.

The plant helps decrease the development of breast cancer. 

Note – it is a compound present in the plant’s leaves. 

The authors conveyed that the plant helps decrease the development of breast cancer. 

But, more researches are required for advancing this theory.

I hope you have understood all the aloe vera uses appropriately and will use the aloe vera plant effectively.

The takeaway

There are numerous methods to utilize the succulent plant, along with various gels and the extracts made from it. 

The researchers are trying to discover different new ways to use this plant in a good way.  

Ensure to talk to your doctor if you plan to throw the light on the Aloe Vera medical uses or want to use it medicinally, especially if you will take medicine.


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