Top 10 benefits of tea tree essential oil will make feel its some miracle oil that you haven’t been able to use yet. Tea tree oil has always been one of the top-rated essential oils, and its benefits are over the top. Tea tree oil’s benefits are always in a broad spectrum and have the potential to promote better health in our bodies.

Tea tree oil is tremendously used in various medical fields, such as cosmetics, hair care, health care, etc. They are best suited for all the acnes, infections, dandruff and are also well backed up by the scientific arena.

The use of tea tree essential oil in traditional medicines has impacted many lives, and they are positively set for treating many clinical skincare problems. Essential oils for skincare and essential oils for hair are very commonly used terms in today’s generation.

As new medicinal and most importantly, herbal medicines are being approached more by the young generation, the popularity of these essential oils has a high demand, and the chemical treatments substitute these essential oils.

If you are someone who hasn’t yet discovered tea tree oil or someone who want to know more about it, we have compiled the top 10 benefits of tea tree oil essential oil that will help you give a brief idea regarding the same.

In order to make thing much more straightforward, I have listed out the flow with which the article will proceed so as to make it much convenient for you to browse.

  • What is tea tree essential oil?
  • Top 10 benefits of tea tree essential oil
  • Uses of tea tree essential oil
  • Precautionary measures to be used.
  • Concluding statement.

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What would first come to your mind, it’s some oil that has been extracted from some tree? Well, you are not entirely wrong tea tree also scientifically named as Melaleuca alternifolia is a type of shrub-like plant that are very abundantly found in the coasts of Australia, New South Wales.

As the tree is scientifically termed as Melaleuca alternifoli, sometimes the tea tree essential oil is also known as melaleuca oil.

Although the commercial use of tea tree oil dates back to 90s, its value wasn’t as global as it is in today’s world. The most common way of extracting tea tree oil is by the method of steam distillation.

Tea tree essential oil is primarily extracted from the leaves of the plant and has also been extensively surveyed and researched about for its benefits.

Although there are no strong claims regarding the benefits of tea tree oil at least as a medicinal source but is allowed to be used in aroma therapy.

Properties of tea tree essential oil:

  • Pungent, strong smell
  • Pale yellow in colour
  • Watery consistency


Essential oils for health and wellness have been in trend since ancient times, and their benefits go way beyond our thinking. Essential oils for anxiety and essential oils for sleep are one of the most commonly known benefits that we can come across these days.

In fact, if you are someone who wants to know how to lose weight or how to get rid of stretch marks, then you should definitely try essential oils in some form cause believe it or not, but there are some interesting thoughts on essential oils for weight loss.

Although tea tree essential oils benefits are exceptionally long, I have tried here to give you all the most essential and provoking top 10 benefits of tea tree essential oil. So if you are still curious about what tea tree essential good for or what does tea tree essential oil do, then keep on reading.


Use of tea tree oil for skin benefits

1.     Helps with dry skin

People who suffer from an eczema-like skin condition that is flaky, dry skin can use tea tree essential oil.

Tea tree essential oil is said to be a miracle oil that helps to heal the skin and prevent dryness. It also gets rid of any kind of irritation and redness on the skin.

In fact, the scientist has observed the change that tea tree oil brings on the skin that works even better than zinc oxide that is supposed to be an anti-eczematic agent. [1]

2.      Tea tree oil for acne

Acnes can be really irritating and can ponder on our skin for a good vacation, but tea tree oil has its way out.

You are feeling worried about the continuous jits that pop up on your face every now and then then it’s time for you to consider tea tree oil for acne.

Several Research papers have discovered that the use of tea tree oil essentially helps to teat with acne as it anti-bacterial properties against the acne bacterial really comes in play and studies show how significantly tea tree oil improves the acne intensity and better the texture of the skin at the same time.[2],[3]

3.      Wound healing

The property of tea tree essential oils, as mentioned before, says that it is an anti-microbial agent and helps in various other healing processes as well.

Reports say that most wound healing processes are fastened by the use of tea tree they would primarily that are caused due to any bacteria[4].

 A study in 2013 also started how the use of tea tree essential oil on people who were suffering from wounds caused by bacteria was healed faster than people who were using conventional methods[5].


4.      Get rid of dandruff.

Tea tree essential oil has been essentially very useful to remove flaxy scalp situations and help you get rid of the dandruff.

The effectiveness of tea tree essential oil in treating dandruff has been recognized and studied upon by many people. Thus recently, many commercial products such as shampoos and hair masks are incorporated with a considerate amount of tea tree essential oil.

5.      Lice problems

Combination of a few essential oils has shown promising results on the lice problems that most of us or the children in the society faces.

Tea tree oil along with lavender essential oil are said to be quite effective against removing the lice as well as lice eggs.

Many people use tea tree oil along with coconut oil or aloe vera mix together for hair treatment using them either as a natural homemade shampoo or as scalp oil.


6.      Compacts Athlete’s Foot and nail fungus

Tea tree oil is very commonly used for their anti-fungal effects, and they are known to be quite sufficient to fight against fungal nail infections.

 Studies have shown how the use of tea tree oil showed beneficial effects on people who were using t for 6 months and showed effective results than people who weren’t. [6]

7.      An anti-inflammation agent.

Psoriasis is one of the autoimmune conditions that can also be treated with the help of tea tree essential oil.

8.      Oral health and respiratory disorders

If you are dealing with bad odor issues and want to feel fresh all the time, you can consider using tea tree oil as a mouth wash, but remember not to swallow it as its not consumable.

Dilute the oil before use; do not use the concentrated form of the oil directly in your mouth.


9.      Sanitization

10. Room freshener

So these were the top 10 benefits of tea tree oil that are essential for your health and wellness, now we will go to how should you incorporate these in your daily routine.

Tea tree essential oil uses

Want to know how to use tea tree essential oils for various health benefits. If you are wondering how to use tea tree essential oil for hair or skin in general then I have listed down the essential way to do so.


 One can use tea tree oil for skincare in various ways, but it’s advisable not to use the concentrated form of the oil directly on your skin as it may cause lesions or skin burn.

How to use tea tree oil for skin?

Use of tea tree oil for body massage

 – Moisturizer: Use it along with some of your moisturizer, the best one that goes with tea tree is said to be an aloe Vera based product, if not you can use your regular day or night care cream with 4-5 drops of tea tree essential oil and apply on your skin.

Spot treatment: Tea tree oils can be used to pot treat few acnes or pimples, but remember to not rub it all over your face, it is meant to be pressed on hard on the affected area and kept overnight.

Massage oil: You can add a few drops of tea tree essential oils along with your body oil and give yourself a relaxing sensation and a soothing experience.

Bath: Add a few drops of essential oil in your bath water and heal your body during the entire time. Tea tree oil will be absorbed by your body and will make you feel much better and relaxing.


 Who does not like to take care of their hair, especially now that you are aware of the fun facts that tea tree can do on your hair, you should be more interested in knowing where can you use the oil right.

 So here we have tried to tell you how to use tea tree oil for your hair.

Use tea tree essential oil for hair

– Wash your hair: Use tea tree oil along with a lot of water and rinse your hair after a nice wash, this will make your hair fresh all day.

– Use it with your hair oil: Do not heat the oil in this case, just add few drops of tea tree oil with your hair oil and apply it gently on the scalp of your head.

Tea tree oil shampoo: If you are not fond of oiling, then you can incorporate tea tree oil in your shampoo instead and make a homemade tea tree essential oil shampoo.


As a mouth wash: As said earlier, use it to clean your gums and freshen your breath.

Use in the vaporizer: Along with water, in the room for at least 20 mins before going to sleep, the aroma will help you calm your nerves and relax your body. Helps in promoting sleep.


Use of diffusers for as a room freshener for tea tree essential oil

Cleaning agent: Use it to clean different area of your home to freshen the room with a beautiful aroma and also provide cleanliness around your house.

Disinfectant: Tea tree oil can be used as an anti-microbial agent and thus can be used to sanitize areas.

Scented candle/diffusers: As a room freshener.


– Do not consume it: The FDA has declared tea tree oil as a non-consumable product; thus, it’s not edible.

Keep it away from your eye: Avoid sensitive areas such as mouth, eyes as it may burn a lot.

Keep it away from children

– Keep the bottle in the dark and cold place as it is photosensitive.

Pregnant women’s can consult a doctor before use, as it can interact with other medications.


Tea tree oil has shown tremendous effects throughout the years of humankind, and its use has also been backed up by many research studies. Using tea tree oil can be at times tricky, and thus using proper precaution and instructions that might be provided in the bottle can help you along with the ways.

Hope the article helped you gain some interest in the uses and benefits of tea tree oil and you might just help yourself in the process of better health care. With the top 10 benefits of tea tree oil explore more and be astonished.