One of the significant concerns that we all face at least once in our lifetime are those stretch marks on your body, whether it be due to losing weight or due to gaining weight, stretch marks have a way to come and behold us some way or the other. The most common stretch marks one would find are the stretch marks on their thighs, specifically the inner thighs. Thus, it becomes important to know about the stretch marks on thigh there causes and possible treatments.

stretch marks on thigh

In general, the appearance of stretch marks can be anywhere on our body starting from our arms, thighs, waist to hips, and buts. But these are one of the most common issues that almost everyone, whether it be a guy, or a woman undergoes. Thighs are said to be one of the most commonly affected areas for stretch marks appearance.

If you are all worried about those marks on your thigh and don’t know what step to take next, we are here to help you out figure things in a proper manner. This article will lead you to a brief knowledge about what stretch marks are. Why do you get stretch marks on thighs and how can you treat them?

So, let’s start with-


In a nutshell, stretch marks are scars on our body that are mainly caused due to rapid stretching of your skin. They appear like narrow stripes on our body.

So typically, when the layers of our skin is stretched beyond its capacity, certain micro-tears are caused in the under the layer of the skin, and this causes the mark on the surface.

The sudden and rapid change in our body due to some factors lead in pressuring our stretchable cells like those of collagen and elastin, that basically gives in elasticity in our skin. When the body grows beyond a limit for these cells to take charge, they tear the dermis layer, thereby causing the mark.

The tear in the dermis causes the visibility of blood vessels under the skin; these veins gives the colour to the marks, the appearance of red or purple. After a period of time, these the blood vessels get smaller, and thus the colour starts to fade and become more of a silvery shade.

Having said all of these, there are no proven side effects or health risk of any sort due to stretch marks. Its just like any other scar on your body that takes time to heal, it is not involved in any health issues or isn’t the indication of any ill health.


Well, firstly there are no particular reasons behind the appearance of the stretch marks on a specific place on the body. Yes! If the area starts to grow or expand that usual, then it has more chances of getting it.

We shall go through a few of the possible reasons behind the cause of stretch marks on your thigh.



One of the most common ways of rapid gain of weight is during pregnancy, and it is the time when your body inevitably grows into this humongous thing without our knowledge.

This sudden and rapid change in the body structure leads to swelling up of the body parts like thighs, stomach and breast. Thus, causing the skin to stretch more than what its potential is and thereby causing the stretch marks on the thighs.


Hitting puberty causes various physical changes in our body, where it be a boy or a girl. The changes in our body are reflexed and even necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

Thus these are certain things that is needed for the development and cannot be stopped; this causes the stretch marks on the thigh.


Believe it or not, your parents and genetics play a significant role in your probability of getting stretch marks.

It is said that if your parents have had stretch marks in their young age, you are prone to having it as well.

Even if you maintain a good diet, proper health and exercise, genes are somethings that cannot be changed, and thus it sometimes becomes impossible to avoid stretch marks. But that should not be much of a trouble for you, it’s not that big of a deal.


During weight loss or weight gain, there is the rapid change of your body type and structure, which further leads to stretch marks on tights.

If you don’t follow a proper way to lose weight, then it causes stretch marks; thus, it is suggested to take some professional advice on how to lose weight healthily. The gradual decrease in your weight and your inches helps the body to maintain your skin and not breakout.



Certain creams are known to be responsible for causing stretch marks.

Creams like that include Corticosteroids can cause the stretch marks; these are lotions or creams that are given to the patient for treating certain skin diseases.

The downfall of these creams is that they negatively affect the growth and production of the elastic cells collagen and elastin in our body. And the lack of these skin cells, causes the skin to be not flexible enough to handle the growth, thus causing the stretch marks on the thigh.


Some drugs also have the potential to cause stretch marks. Certain drugs may induce swelling and gaining of weight or maybe bloating of the body or some other changes.

These changes in the body due to the medication can lead to stretch marks, some conventional medicines that can cause the marks are hormonal medicines, birth control pills, etc.

Thus, if consulting a doctor is the best way to treat anything related to your body, even the stretch marks on your thighs.


People who take in steroids also have a tendency to get marks on their body and thighs.

Sometimes bodybuilders have the notion of taking in steroids to build up their muscles. The steroid causes a rapid increase in the muscles of the body; thereby, sudden changes cause the marks.


Some disorders, like that of Cushing’s diseases and few rare conditions like Marfan and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, can cause stretch marks.

Such diseases or symptoms have some or the other effect on the body that causes the stretch marks, like in case of Cushing’s diseases the body starts to overproduce the hormone cortisol, which indirectly are responsible for generating the stretch marks.


Although there are many treatments that you can go forward with, it is always recommended to have yourself checked by a doctor or seek out for medical attention, cause in some cases you might not just know if the stretch marks are symptoms of some other health issue.

Apart from that here are some remedies that one can try


Vitamin E is said to have properties that help in reducing the effects of stretch marks.

Thus, it is suggested to incorporate either the Vitamin E capsule or moisturizer that are enriched with Vitamin E.

Vitamin E has the potential to increase the flexibility of the cells and incuse collage and elastin cells as well.


Exfoliation, in general, is always recommended to remove dead cells and regenerate new cells on the skin. Thus, regular exfoliation may help in reducing the stretch marks on your thighs.

A natural exfoliator such as sugar/brown sugar are very highly used in these cases, this not only helps with the stretch marks but also helps in regeneration of skin and new cells.

Although there are contradicting statements on exfoliation on the effects on stretch marks, you can anyways try them, because it has other benefits as well.


There are creams available in the market that claims to remove the stretch marks. Creams involving the usage of retinol are used most often for the purpose of stretch marks.

Having said so using chemical-based products can be harmful to you as well because there can be reactions or side effects in your body. Thus, it is always suggested to recommend some doctors or some experts before starting with the treatment.


There are certain natural oils like almond, olive, and castor oil that helps in the process of removal of the stretch marks.

These oils, especially the almond oil, are highly enriched with Vitamin E thus, as discussed above, it helps in the regeneration and production of elastin and collagen cells in the body.

Thus using oil, in general, helps in moisturization and helps in repair mechanism as well.

  • There are specific home remedies that one can try to see their effects on the stretch marks.

Such as:

  1. Lemon juice
  2. Potato juice
  3. Aloe vera
  4. Egg white
  5. Black tea
  • Apart from all these, it is crucial to maintain a proper diet and keep yourself hydrated to avoid any kind of health problems.

Proper diet and intake of water help to maintain your health and keep our skin hydrated and well as restoring the elastic nature of the skin, thus making it soft and supple.

Other treatments include

  • Laser therapy
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Self-tanning products


Stretch marks are widespread in almost everyone, stretch marks on your thigh can be seen in both men and women. As these marks have to evident health-related problems, one does not have to overthink about it, let it be. But being knowledgeable about stretch marks on thigh and its causes as well as possible treatments, can help us to start working on it.

The ability to breath in your skin with full confidence with or without stretch marks is an achievement, thus if you are unsuccessful in removing the marks, give it time. It is known that with time the stretch marks start to fade off.

Stretch marks on the thigh are not to be worried about, as half of the time the inner thigh isn’t visible and most importantly, it does not concern with any health problems. Thus, overthinking might not help, it’s a natural process and even if we do or do not treat stretch marks getting rid of it entirely is quite not possible, yes one can concentrate on reducing its visibility.

This article is written solely with the purpose of providing some enlightenments towards stretch marks and the ways to get rid of it for the curious minds out there, this should not be taken as a medical or professional advice. It is always better to get yourself check and consult a doctor regarding the same.