Although chia seeds are something that are quite well know in the market as of now, but very few details and research has been done basically on the 7 health benefits of chia seeds.

Thus, to know the top 7 health benefits of chia seeds, we also need to understand why is it even necessary.

Chia seeds come from the plant Salvia Hispanic, which is the major food crop in Mexico and Guatemala.

In pre-historic times it was known as the second main crop after beans in Columbian societies. Thus, today will also get to know about the top 7 benefits of chia seed.[1]

Chia seeds have been known for over 5,500 yrs. In Mayas and Aztecs, chia seeds were one of the essential components of the diet.

Chia seeds is a good source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, and phytochemicals.

Salvia is a genus of many species of green plants, shrubs of the salvia L family.

Chia seed is also representative of the salvia genus. Chia seeds are small, flat, and ovular with a shiny and smooth texture.

In this article, you will be able to know all the top 7 health benefits of chia seeds.

Where do they grow?

Chia seeds are cultivated in central Mexico and commercially throughout central and South America. It grows in a warm climate. It needs high rainfall and temperature of 15-30 degree Celsius. The max height of the plant is 1m. it has opposite leaves with 4-8 cm long and 3-6 cm wide. The flower is purple or white and size 3-4 mm.

About Chia seeds

Chia seeds are edible seeds.

Chia seeds are rich in the following points:

  • Fiber, protein, calcium, polyunsaturated fat as omega-three fatty acids, phosphorus, zinc.

Two tablespoons of chia seeds (1 ounce or 28grms contain about

  1. 140 calories
  2. 4 grams of protein
  3. 11 grams of unsaturated fat
  4. 18% RDA for calcium and trace minerals, including zinc and copper.

They are the wealthiest plant, some of the omega-three fatty acids.

Essential nutrient are full in chia seeds, despite their size and small shapes, rich in antioxidants. It contains good cholesterol, which protects against heart attack, and so it can be eaten cooked or raw.[2]

Nutrient contains:

Dried chia seeds contain 6% water, 42% carbohydrates, 16% protein,31% fat.

Significant 7 health benefits of chia seeds

Chia seeds are a good source of 7 essential nutrients 

  • Minerals
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium

Top 7 Health benefits of chia seeds:

Chia seeds are the healthiest food on the planet and loaded with nutrient, which has plenty of benefits for our body—science support following benefits of chia seeds for our body and brain.[3]

  1. Aging process- Chia seeds are full of antioxidants as chia seeds are high in antioxidants, which fight the production of free radicals and damage cell molecules, which help control our ageing process.
  1. Weight loss- chia seeds contain nearly 5-6 grams of fibre per tablespoon. It is full of fibre which helps to feel full for long and low in calories. According to research 2015, if anyone takes 30 grams of Fiber daily may help you to lose weight. a Diet high in fiber help to lose weight. Chia seeds contain 9.75 (g) fiber per 1 ounce. They also have 4.69 g of protein. both this suppress appetite for a long time
  1. Heart disease- Omega-3 to fight heart disease, chia seeds it has been examined in various studies that chia seeds are high in Fiber and omega-3 they reduce decreases the risk for thrombosis and arrhythmias disorder; it has been determined in multiple studies that chia seeds are high in Fiber and omega-3 they reduce your risk of heart disease.[4] Omega-3 fatty acids have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. (lowering cholesterol, prevent blood clots, decreasing inflammation). They are leading to all heart-related problems. The richest sources of plant-based omega-3 s are chia seeds, flaxseeds, etc.
  1. Blood sugar- Fiber of chia seeds help to control LDL( cholesterol), which help to prevent blood sugar. This reduces the chance of spikes and sometimes crashes experience after meals.
  1. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s- Chia seeds have recently attained great popularity due to its nutritional value and benefits. Studies have also proven that chia seeds supplementation in diets reported several services like oxidative stress. For its antioxidants found in chia seeds are known to fight against oxidative stress. An oxidative stress is a causative factor in diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  1. Skin disorder system- they are known to contain essential nutrients for skin and hair. Some of the lesser-known benefits for skin and hair include: its hydrating—it is very moisturizing; chia seeds oil is excellent for treating skin problems like dry skin and eczema. Chia seeds help in strengthening the skin barrier. Chia seeds oil help to remove dark spot on the skin.[5]
  1. Good for bones- chia seeds protect our bone as this chia seed packs several vital nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese. All these are very good for our bone development.

Uses of chia seeds

uses of chia seeds

It controls blood sugar, improves cardiovascular disease risk, and reduces the risk of coronary artery diseases, weight loss, blood clotting, skin.

Chia seeds in our kitchen:

Seven benefits to eat chia seeds:

  1. Smoothies- chia seeds can be used mostly on making smoothies. It is effortless to make it with fresh seeds or chia gel.
  1. Salad dressing– during salad making, we can add chia seeds to the salad dressing. We need to add olive oil, vinegar, honey and lemon juice too.
  1. Pudding- chia seeds pudding is also famous and simple to make of your own . for a thicker, pudding-like texture, you can add more seeds for a longer time. It is a very delicious dish which can be eaten for breakfast or as dessert. You can add milk or fruits juice, including vanilla and cocoa.
  1. Baked- some people used chia seed or used chia gel. Adding this will boost the fibre, protein, and omega-3 content. It can replace egg in baking. It will add water to baking, which moister your baking.

There are many ways to used chia seeds in baking, like a)chia seed as an egg replacement, b)chia seed topping, c)ground chia.

  • Chia drinks- chia seeds can be added to health drinks. If we add two spoons of chia seed to 2 cups of water or coconut water and add some fruits juice of your choice, your chia seed drink is ready, which will help our body.
  • Energy bar– chia seeds healthy bar are very energizing and satisfying too. A combination of walnut coconut and chia seeds helps to keep you fill and provide long-lasting energy. This bar are handy before and after our workout. While travelling also you can carry it safely.
  • Jam- you can try chia seed jam too. It is very popular nowadays. We can add any fruits with chia seeds to make delicious jam. The best ratio to chia seeds is two to three cups of fruits with two tablespoons of chia seeds. If your fruits are very juicy or like to thicker, add some more seeds. Chia jam is a bit looser and more sauce-like compare to regular jam.


Chia seeds are very safe, and health benefits most people to add to our daily food habits. Chia seeds are not a substitute for a healthful diet and exercise. Despite its small size, it is full of essential nutrients. It has a positive and robust impact on both your body and brain. Thus, with this top 7 benefits of chia seed and uses of it as well, its not always necessary it might not turn out to be of the same for everyone. So its anyways always recommended to consult a doctor before trying any of the hacks in case of doubts.

Some important Question and Answers

Question 1. Do chia seeds boost the immune system?

Answer: Yes, as chia seeds are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, essential in the immune system.

Question 2. What happened when you eat chia seeds every day?

Answer: Drinking chia seeds water in your daily diet will reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Moreover, due to its calcium, magnesium and phosphorous in chia seeds, it contains 18% of the daily recommended calcium intake. As chia seeds are rich in fiber, consuming its water in the morning can boost your digestion and improve bowel movement.

Question 3. Is chia seed a good source of omega -3?

Answer: yes, chia seeds is the easiest way to get omega-3 fatty acids, which are super important to brain health. one ounce contains 5 grams of omega-3.

Question 4.What is the best way to eat chia seeds?

Answer: chia seeds can be added whole or grand to juices or smoothies; one can be mixed with yoghurt or sprinkled on top of a salad.

Question 5. Where to get chia seed?

Answer: Nowadays, you can get chia seeds in your local market or grocery stores. Even online also, you can order it.