Recovering from stretch marks can be daunting and sometimes long-lasting.

The entire process of getting rid of stretch marks can indirectly scar us throughout the journey but having said so there are certain things, and natural ingredients can have proven to be more beneficial for the stretch marks.

We are talking about coconut oil for stretch marks.

There are hell lot of reasons for getting stretch marks such as gaining weight, pregnancy and unhealthy diet. But the majority of the causes leads to unwanted stretch marks that can be are avoidable with proper care, whether it be before or after.

Coconut oil does contain vitamins and minerals that are said to work on stretch marks as a miracle. So, if you are wondering how to get rid of stretch marks or even if you are someone how wants to avoid stretch marks, coconut oil is one of the best ways to do so.

Coconut oil for stretch marks

Coconut oil are one of that natural oil which might be a bit too heavy on first use for anyone who are not aware of its use and consistency. The ingredients in the coconut oil are marvelous to treat stretch marks. The use of coconut oil for stretch marks have been there since ages.

Wondering if coconut oil is good for stretch marks can be all cleared in the article, we have here not only the ways coconut oil can help you with the stubborn stretch marks but also how you can use it in your daily routine for getting the ultimate results.

But before understanding the use of coconut oil for stretch marks, first its also essential to know what are the significant reasons behind stretch marks.

  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, women tend to gain weight due to obvious reasons, and this extends the skin to some other level which is beyond anyone’s control. This unavoidable stretching of the skin causes stretch marks.
  • Weight gain: Weight gain is a sensitive topic as some of us really don’t have any option to avoid it due to specific health issue and for others who have can also face similar problems. The dermis of our skin contracts and relaxes so much that it causes stretch marks.
  • Weight loss: Sometime even when we work so hard to lose weight due to the unequal stretching of our skin or skin cells, we tend to get stretch marks.
  • Adulting: Hitting adolescence can be challenging, and if we do not take proper care of our skin during the period due to hormonal actions children tend to gain some weight in certain regions than other, and this can cause the formation of stretch marks.

There are undoubtedly other reasons for the stretch marks, like some medication reaction, muscle formation, weight training and more. But the one discussed above are more commonly seen.

Now its necessary to understand that stretch marks are not harmful or shows any cause of concern, yes it might be not good to look at, but its not a sole reason to be unhappy and someone should certainly not be afraid to have them on their body.

It is as natural as your hair on your body and its is fine to be having it if you want to keep it and not do much about it. But for those of you how might want to try a few things, there are few ways of how coconut oil can help you with stretch marks.


Well out of every natural thing in the world why the hell are we even concerned about coconut oil?

Stretch marks are something that are mainly caused on the underneath of our skin, and thus we need something that can be penetrating enough and cannot be moved for an extended period of time.

  • Coconut oil has vitamins and minerals that help to penetrate and provide the nourishment required for the skin in order to heal sooner than any other active ingredients.
  • Coconut oil as we know is quite thick and heavy, and somehow this concentration is prefect for it to stay and work on our stretch marks and its greasy and heavy oil, the amount of time that it remains on our body is more, and that makes it more useful than any other oils.
  • Coconut oil for stretch marks are also very well known due to its ingredients in it, apart from the vitamins and minerals other proteinaceous things are there in it that also actively acts on the stretch marks.
  • Plant-based oil: Coconut oil being a plant-based oil makes it not just a natural product but makes it more useful for the production of natural skin cells on our body, there are reviews and scientific papers that say how plant-based oil can cause the production of cells in our body.
  • Increases skin collagen: coconut oil for stretch marks can be used for collagen production in our skin; collagen makes our skin for flexible and stretchable. It thus helps in the elasticity of our skin.

 Coconut oil used as a topical treatment on the skin makes it easier for the skin to produce more collagen, thus helping in avoiding the production of stretch marks and also reducing the existing ones as well.


So now one of the most exciting things as to how to get rid of stretch marks using coconut oil.

Here we have listed a few of the easiest ways of using coconut oil for your skin and stretch marks.

But before starting with the ways to use coconut oil for stretch marks, it is good to know that if in case you do not have all the ingredients used in few of our remedies then kindly do not worry the simple use of coconut oil will also provide you with the same results, yes few of the other ingredients incorporated in the methods might improve your skin condition in some other natural ways but its absolutely fine if you cannot afford to use it.


As mentioned above as the main ingredient of the conversation is coconut oil we had have to acknowledge the fact that coconut oil in itself has almost all the well know properties to improve and reduce the affected areas of your skin with stretch marks.

  • Use hot coconut oil just after your bath to get rid of stretch marks
  • Use the coconut oil either after your bath or at least 1 hour before your bath in the affected areas as a topical application.

#2 COCONUT OIL+ CLOVES          

use of cloves for stretch marks

The use of cloves in the coconut oil provides urgency and more active ingredients that help in removing the stretch marks; clove is said to have polyphenols and aldehydes that help in improving skin texture and stretch marks.

  • Take 1 cup of coconut oil+ 5/6 cloves a heat the mixture at low sim for at least 7 mins
  • Store the mixture if required in a jar and keep it handy in the bathroom and where ever you find it necessary.
  • Use the mixture on your stretch marks as suggested before or after your bath


aloe vera for stretch marks

Aloe vera and coconut oil for stretch mark together can be useful. Aloe vera is one of the primary sources of Vitamin E that is known to improve and skin for its particular use on our skin texture and blemishes.

The healing and soothing property of aloe vera help with the stretch marks reduction process.

  • Take a 2: 1 ratio of coconut and aloe vera gel for stretch marks.
  • You can also take 2 spoons of coconut oil and one spoon of aloe vera juice

Drinking aloe vera juice early in the morning also somehow help in the reducing of stretch marks and not only with stretch marks but also for other weight loss process.

So if you are wondering how to deal with stretch marks due to weight loss ,aloe vera and coconut oil will help you with that as well.


The use of sugar as an exfoliating agent is a controversial topic and can vary from person to person. But the use of sugar for parts of your body other than you face is very common and actually turns out to be useful.

Use coconut oil with brown sugar or white sugar as an exfoliant for stretch marks.

  • Take two spoons of coconut oil and half a spoon of sugar
  • Apply the mixture on the affected area 30 mins before your bath
  • Rub the mixture on your stretch marks with a gentle hand and wash it off during your bath after 30 mins.
  • Apply a little bit of coconut oil after the bath as well for different results.


essential oil for stretch marks

Essential oil are well studied for its use on skin and other things as well. Essential oil for anxiety, essential oil for sleep, essential oil for skin, essential oil for weight loss and what not. Essential oils are so versatile for its use on our skin and hair that it can be incorporated with coconut oil for stretch marks.

There can be different mixtures of essential oil that can be used for stretch marks, few of the most useful essential oils for stretch marks are lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, tea tree essential oil, orange essential oil and more.

The use of essential oils cannot always be directly on your skin and has to be diluted before use and thus needs a carrier oil for it, in this case, coconut oil.

The essential oil has active ingredients in it that help with the elasticity of the skin, prevent skin fragility, produces collagen and have skin brightening effects as well.

  • Take 2 spoons of coconut oil + 3-4 drops of any essential oil of your choice that are good for stretch marks.
  • Apply the mixture before going to sleep and keep it the entire night for better use.

These are few ways of how you can use coconut oil for stretch marks, but did you know coconut oil can be used for so many other things as well like:

In fact there are other ways to reduce stretch marks, especially stretch marks on things and breast. Few other ways to reduce stretch marks are:

  • Lemon juice, egg white, Potatoes juice for stretch marks

Apart from knowing the things that will help you get rid of stretch marks, there is one more important thing that we all should know that is how to prevent it and one of the ways is to be fir or to reduce weight right.

So here are few tips to be healthy

drinking water helps in healing our body from stretch marks
  • Drinking water- be hydrated all the time to be healthy and get rid of stretch marks as well.
  • Drink Aloe vera juice for a healthy body

And the best remedy for all of the above things is exercising:

Advantages of yoga
  • effects of exercising on your body is a beautiful feeling, and using coconut oil while you are working out will ensure that you are preventing your skin for any damage as well.
  • Yoga is the way to a healthy mind and body and should be incorporated by every one
  • Medication can also help you
  • A full meal with the best fruits and vegetables can help you as well


The importance of all the things that have been said and mentioned in this article are somehow in one or the other ways related to your immune system, your healthy body and the most important thing to getting rid of stretch marks. I hope now you will not have any questions of how coconut oil helps with stretch marks, cause its all-in front of you.

Having said so there are certain times when the process of getting rid of stretch marks can be quite tiresome and exhausting but please hold on and have some faith its ok to be what you are and give your body some time to health. Coconut oil will help your skin in various other ways other than just stretch marks, so there’s no harm to apply coconut oil on your skin.

It will do more good to you and your skin than harm, so consider it for your skincare and stretch marks.