How do you feel about turmeric?

Ever wondered about the top 5 benefits of turmeric for your skin that no one has talked about?? Well, don’t worry, we are here to introduce to you a few elements of surprise as benefits of turmeric for the skin. 

So, if you are dealing with skin issues and skincare, and are almost done using every other thing in your sight for skin, then people, it’s time we change this. Yes, we will tell you how just using a few turmeric ampules can change your experience with natural products.

So, what all do you need for this? Guess what you just need to go to your kitchen or maybe market and get a few of these yellow golden miracles for your skin.

If you are not a big fan of turmeric, I bet you will be quite soon enough. With the beneficial aspects that we will talk to you about today, you will be amazed to see that even this is possible.

So, let us just tell you how we will be proceeding with our topic:

Staring with a short description and nerdy statements on turmeric cause no matter what we really need to understand where we stand on turmeric today and for people unaware of turmeric, this might be a little helping hand.


Turmeric for face

So, if we say scientifically turmeric is also widely known as Curcuma longa, it is known only in the scientific world. Turmeric are mostly native to the Asian countries and are commonly used in these countries in various ways. 

For you, the information did you know there are different forms of turmeric and varieties of turmeric as well, and although they might be all more or less sane, few do differ in composition. 

The use of turmeric is mostly in the form of powder. Yes, turmeric powder is what people use it for cooking and as a spice basically. There are a hell lot of properties that turmeric comes with, such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-neoplastic and more

Now that we know turmeric properties, what are or how are turmeric beneficial for health and skin. Let’s see what turmeric good for is, is there any side effects of turmeric and top 5 turmeric health benefits for the skin. 


Ayurvedic medicine and rituals have extracted the uses and benefits of turmeric long back. It is known in the Asian culture in a crazy amount, but how does it exactly work, and what does turmeric actually do to our skin?

Well, we obviously tell you the most beneficial effects of turmeric powder for skin health. But did you know in today’s market that people are concentrating on turmeric’s usefulness and that there are a variety of commercial products that come with that?

Now a days there are turmeric essential oils, turmeric pills, and what not; experts are amazed by the beneficial aspects of turmeric what so??

Let’s see:


If you are dealing with any kind of skin issues, starting from chronic skin disorders, which are quite severe skin condition, to milder acne problems, turmeric is your remedy. Yes, there are medications that will help you more for chronic issues,

But it is true, just try and see the effects of turmeric. Scientists have noticed that turmeric has properties turmeric, curcumin and many other skincare elements and found that turmeric has properties that help in different skin issues[1].

Wondering what all skin problems turmeric might help with:

  • Treatment of psoriasis
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Latrogenic dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)
  • Sometimes for skin cancer
  • Skin infections[2]


Truth is today, we all almost deal with skin hyperpigmentation, which might not be a problem for many of us, and that’s absolutely fine, as every skin type is excellent. But there are times when you feel like doing something about the pigmentation, right?

Well, turmeric and a few other additional things form an excellent element for removing or at least reducing the skin pigmentation[3].

The antioxidants in the turmeric help with the hyperpigmentation


Well talking of anti-oxidants and the turmeric’s properties for anti-oxidants will really help you; how??

Just by using it, well, the essential oils for health and wellness will come into play; turmeric essential oils have been used in various skincare products. Choose products that are moisturizing and contain turmeric as an ingredient to get the effect.

  • The best part about turmeric is that its inexpensive, and you can use it whenever you want, as few products in the market say the use of anti-ageing creams can be done only after a certain age right.
  • But turmeric can be used whenever you want, and it will still show you the effects in a more natural way than any other commercial product.


When used directly, Turmeric can be a bit dry and flax, but guess what it also has properties that can brighten and make your skin all glowy.

And who is not fond of a supple, clean looking face, right!!!

Try various turmeric face packs, a few of which we will be telling you today at the end of the article to get the glow in your skin from within.

But yeah, don’t get overboard with the use, its occasional used as a face mask, not every day. 


As mentioned before, turmeric has been long used in ayurvedic medicine and most of the properties of the turmeric properties that people we amazed with were its healing properties.

  • The anti-microbial effect of the turmeric makes it a suitable candidate for its use as acne treatment and wound healing as well.
  • In 2016 science had proved how turmeric could help with acne marks and skin conditions. The study has used around 234 articles on the various kin conditions and their treatment. Turmeric was found to be the most useful one as an ingredient for acne treatment.

In fact, nowadays, most of the treatments get and products have turmeric due to this reason.

The leading cause of acne is that the active bacteria’s present on our skin and turmeric can fight those in a go, thus hurray to turmeric.

So these were all the top 5 benefits of using turmeric for your skin now. How do we exactly use turmeric for skin?


  • As a face mask: the use of turmeric+ aloe vera+ curd can help you with treating your skin with care (once a week)
  • You can also take 500 gms of turmeric + milk and apply on your skin alternate days
  • Use as a face wash: Take two spoons of turmeric + gram flour and clean your face every morning using it as a face wash
  • Use turmeric toner: You can either buy it or make it at home by boing turmeric in water until the colour comes out all and then strain the water and keep it in the fridge (if you want some soothing smell, then you can add some essential oils of your choice)
  • Use turmeric supplements: This will provide nourishment to your skin as well as your overall health
  • Use it as an acne treatment: take a few drops of tea tree essential oil + turmeric essential oil and spot apply on the active acne.
  • Use it for wound healing: take some unflavoured toothpaste + turmeric and apply on the wound
  • Drink turmeric water for skin: this might sound odd, and you must be wondering the benefits of drinking turmeric water for skin is not real, but trust me it is, try and see it.

Drink turmeric water or drink it with milk for more effect, but in limited amount 3 times a week will do.


Although there are few things that you guys might be skeptical about, like the benefits of drinking turmeric water for skin, turmeric pills and turmeric side effects to be clear, it essential for you to search and look into the matter; we have an article on the side effect of the turmeric as well so you can read those for better understanding.

Its anyways always recommend asking for professional help if you find something with your skin. Studies done on turmeric’s benefits are well studied, but that does not mean if it will work for everyone, so be careful study a little more on turmeric roots, turmeric side effects, and if you find things a good try, cause it’s worth it.