Are you ready to be amazed?

Although most of us are quite not aware of rosehip as a fruit, surprisingly, it has benefits that can, as I said, “amaze” you.

Today we will be exploring the world of rosehip essential oils and the top 5 benefits of rosehip essential oil. 

If you are a beauty geek, this particular product can significantly change your skin’s game. While I was looking out for the history of rosehip and its benefits, I have come across a few interesting facts that I would be sharing with you all; keep looking out for these in the article.

I am sure we all look forward to the beauty regime that celebrities use. Surprisingly, the wonders of rosehip are those that even well-known celebrities use apparently. Thus, the top 5 benefits of rosehip essential oils have to something that we all should know.

I have jotted down the flow with which we will be proceeding in this article, starting with

So, starting with the basics of rosehip, as to what is it exactly, we will talk about


what is rosehip essential oils

Wondering if rosehip has anything to go with rose?? I will be lying if I say I didn’t. But yes, it turns out rosehip has a lot to do with the existence of a rose. How? 

Well, rosehip in layman’s term is nothing but a part of the rose, and yeah, similar to our hip in the human body, rosehip is essentially located just below the part where the petals merge and is also well known as the fruit of the rose plant.

The dried form of the rosehip has been highly in use for its medicinal effects. Although it is a part of a rose interestingly, few properties of the rosehip are slightly different from that of the actual rose flower, and that is why we try to make essential oils out of it. 

And as a matter of fact, the use of rosehip is not restricted to just our face or hair; dried rosehip when boiled in warm water has been used as a mouth decay removal in ancient times.

Like any other essential oil, rosehip has also been extracted in the similar way by extraction methodologies, whether distillation or clod press.

Coming to the significant part of rosehip


Rosehip essential oils, as I mentioned before, can be used for a variety of things, mouth, skin, and hair. But why should we use rosehip? What makes it a bit different from others? Let’s see the properties of rosehip essential oil before understanding the top 5 benefits of rosehip essential oil.

  • The Vitamin C content in rosehip is very high- this makes it highly likable for anti-aging purposes.
  • It has anti-microbial effect-although less, but it does have few antimicrobial activities that go on 
  • Due to the presence of Vitamins, it also acts as an anti-oxidant 
  • They have few colour pigments, also known as a carotenoid


So as said before, moving into the top 5 benefits of rosehip essential oil, let’s drive in the benefits of rosehip oil.


rosehip oil for your skin

Now I could have narrowed it down a litter saying what in the skin benefits are we really talking about, but first, you need to know that the use of essential oils can be in various ways essential oils for health and wellness have been talked about a lot.

Having said so, minimal essential oils can actually be used in various benefits’ ways; few essential oils like lavender essential oils and tea tree essential oils affect our skin as well but differently.

Rosehip oil benefits for skin has a different meaning because it acts in the similar way as the mentioned oils but does a bit more on certain angles. SO how exactly does rosehip oil for skin work?

  •  Provides moisture (rosehip essential oils has various water ingredients and monitoring effects that helps us with our dry skin)
  • For anti-aging (due to the presence of Vitamins in the essential oils, the use of rosehip has high demands, Vitamin C content provides antioxidant benefits to the skin that give a glow and anti0ageing properties)
  • For acne treatment (not the active ones but the scares and the premature acne can be easily treated with the help of rosehip essential oil)


Roship oil for hair

Did you know essential oils like lemon essential oils and Vitamin E capsules are highly used for hair, in fact, the use of aloe vera for skin is well known, but its use for hair is also considered beneficial now a days. But the effect that rosehip essential oil can give along with the use of a few more ingredients will show a definite difference in your hair

  • Provides moisture (as aloe vera does for skin, so does rosehip essential oil does. Rosehip we saw can provide skin the appropriate moisture, so why not the hair, hairs fizziness goes by the use of rosehip oil on a regular basis)
  • Provides shine (rosehip essential oils are one of those oils that are more on the slimmer sides, and thus its use has more shin on the hair)


rosehip essential oil for oral hygiene

The rosehip essential oils are also not well-considered edible, but its use for oral hygiene is well known; people often use it to maintain oral hygiene.

The bad odour and enamel cleaning process need a robust anti-microbial agent, and rosehip essential oil has an appropriate amount of those properties for providing the maintenance of teeth and mouth.

Rosehip essential oils for wound healing

Rosehip essential oils for wound healing

The anti-microbial part of the rosehip oil does come in handy, doesn’t it? We have already seen how rosehip can be of great use for one’s oral hygiene. Its use for the other parts of our natural body isn’t that shocking.

The use of rosehip oil apart from face and hair is for the wound healing process; it does help in reducing the intensity of the scars and also the entire process of pathogenetic. 

Few Vitamins and other necessary components of the rosehip essential oil provide collagen formation, which helps in the wound healing process.


rosehip essential oil for aroma

The least way you can use any essential oil if you are worried about how it will work out to be is using it for your home as an aromatic fragrance. 

Now that we have covered the top 5 benefits of rosehip essential oil, let’s see if we can deduce ways to use proper implications and its utilization correctly.


The use of rosehip oils or rather rosehip essential oils are almost similar to that of any essential oils. In general, the use of any essential oils depends on its benefits.

The oils’ benefits show the indirect way of using essential oils; essential oils for anxiety have more aroma in its essential oils for weight loss more oils in the form of edible nature.

Just like these essential oils benefits, the use of essential oils also depends on the type of essential oil; anyhow, rosehip essential oils are used for various beneficial things like rosehip oils for under eyes, acne, and more thus, its uses can be as follows:

  • Use it with a moisturizer
  • Use rosehip essential oil for spot treatment
  • Use it as a facial cleanser.
  • Use it as a facial mist

These are few ways of using it. But having said so, there are specific important notes that one needs to take care of, such as the use of these essential oils should not be directly done on the topical skin because this can cause burning

Always prefer to use it in a diluted form with some carrier passengers such as moisturizer, other oils, or water. Adding different oils for the use can also be done, such as 

 For hair:

  • – Add some lavender essential oil+ rosehip essential oil and some curd
  • – Apply on your hair
  • – And keep it for 30 mins
  • – Wash it with regular shampoo without conditioner

For skin

  • – Add some aloe vera gel+ few drops of rosehip essential oil+ lemon essential oil
  • – Add some water along with it
  • – Use it as a toner or a mist


The use of various essential oils can be useful; every essential oil has its way of working. Although the features and beneficial parts of the essential oils are similar and can be confusing, unless you try all kinds in an individual manner, you won’t understand the difference that it creates.

Having said so, there might be few allergic reactions and unforeseen effects, which are rare for rosehip essential oils and thus should be considered a danger. Thus, for any doubt and quires, you are always suggested to consult a doctor for further clarification. Can you use how much you can use all these factors that can come to your mind?

And dealing with these thoughts is similar to that question of rosehip oil and a rosehip seed of similar or not, but the way the answer is yes is similar. But yeah, how much is something experimental, and one has to figure based on their skin type and likings. But too much of anything isn’t right; keep that in mind and incorporate the top 5 benefits of rosehip essential oil.