Remember the time when we were told day in and out to have nuts for our health brain activity?

In fact among all other nuts and fruits that we have had, almond has always been one of those who stand at the top. And why not the gratefulness of almonds have always amused scientists and thus we have come here to tell you the tales of almonds.

Today we will be telling you how you can incorporate the nutrients of almond oils for skin.

The uses of almonds are not restricted to just our skin.

Almond oil for hair, almond oil for health, and more importantly almond oil for our brain must be quite well heard about.

But let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits of almond oils for skin.

Almond thankful like most other nuts are not called other names, yeah there is something also known as sweet almond, but believe me, there is no such difference. Almond oil is quite often also well known as sweet almond oil.

But there are certain almond oil that provides bitterness that more suited for eating whereas the sweet once are more apt for skin purposes

So now that it’s clear that we are talking about almonds, let’s get the gist of what this article will behold.

  • A brief intro on almonds
  • Nutrients of almonds
  • Top 5 benefits of almond oil for skin
  • How to use almond oil for skin
  • Concluding statement


Almonds oil

So before understanding what are the top 5 benefits of almonds oil, let’s take a look at the origin of almonds and its nutrients.

Almond in a geeky, scientific way is also well known as Prunus dulcis are more native in countries such as Iran but are very commonly grown all around the world now. 

The use of almonds has been vast in nature and we have been using the benefits of almonds in our culture since ancient times. Having said so did you know that it’s well said that almonds have been originated in China and the central Asian countries? 

The nutty oil that comes out from crushing the almonds are pure drops of nutrients and thus are highly precious and expensive at times.

The concentrated form of these oils are more often thick and sticky in consistency, but most of the distilled almond oils or sweet almond oils are more onto the lighter sides. The almond oils for skin are used for its nutrients and moisturizing effects[1].

There are so many nutrients that are exclusively used and found in almond oil, let’s see what are these nutrients.


The almond oils are mostly proteinaceous and more in the content of Vitamins, but we shall break down its nutrients in a much-elaborated manner, so the almond oil nutrients are:

  • Vitamins: Most of the nutrient content in almond oils are consumed of its Vitamins, there are so many kinds and proportion of different vitamins in almond oil. The highest quantity of Vitamin found in the almond oils is Vitamin E and Vitamin A.
  • Protein: It is something that’s needless to be said, but almonds have been consumed by us for ages due to its high protein content in it.
  • Mineral: certain minerals are found even though at a minimal level, but yes are there in almond oil. Minerals such as Zinc, Magnesium, and Potassium are a few of the most highly proportionate minerals in almond oil.
  • Fatty acids: Fatty acids are not always considered healthy for us, but it is certainly one of those nutrients that are very rarely found in natural plant-based food. Almond oils consist of fatty acids such as omega- 3 which can also be found greatly in fishes.

Now coming to the part that is the most interesting of the article, why should you use almond oils for skin. Yes, it does have nutrient contents in it, but how does that affect our skin. So let’s find out why almond oils for skin are so beneficial.


 There might be thousands of things that we might miss in this article for almond or sweet almond oils or skin, but We here have tried to incorporate the most important and well-studied points of almond oils for skin, starting with

Wound healing properties

Almond oil does not have any anti-microbial effects as such, but it has phenolic compounds and oligosaccharides that are having wound healing properties in the almond. Scientists have studied that almond oil which contains enzymatic compounds and oligosaccharides can heal wounds. A study on rats showed the results as 74.3% wound was healed within 24 hours[2]

Moisturizing properties

It is needless to be said that oil, in general, is very moisturizing, whether it be essential oils, vitamin E oil for the skin, or almond oils for skin.

The moisturizing properties of any oil have a glowing effect on one’s skin. Some studies show that using almond oil for skin has properties that prevent water loss and dehydration from the skin[3].

Anti-aging properties

Due to the presence of various Vitamins in the almonds it makes it possible for the miracle oil to act as an anti-aging agent.

There have been studies that say how almond oil has anti-oxidant properties that help to act as an agent for wrinkle-free skin[4]

Chapped lips and skin

Lip has skin on it, I hope you know that and that skin is the most sensitive thing on our body as it is exposed to so many pollutant and food all the time.

Use of almond oil for lips as a lip balm

It wouldn’t be a surprise if I say oil can help you with your chapped lips right, but almond oil not only does help you deal with your chapped lips but also has lighting effects which can remove unwanted blemishes from your skin and lip.

For acne treatment

Almonds have few constituents such as fatty acids that have the ability to dissolve the sebum produced in the acne.

Use of almond oil for skin

The dissolution of this sebum affects neutralizing the acne and therefore provides a treatment solution for acne and other skin conditions. Some studies say the fatty acids of the almond assist with cancer treatment as well.[5]


As we clearly saw the top 5 benefits of almond oil for skin, one has to eventually understand how to incorporate the use of almond or sweet almond oil for skincare, right?

So, there are few ways to can use sweet almond oil for your skin

Use it as a moisturizer

Adding almond oil along with any moisturizer can be too heavy, so it’s recommended to use it individually. Most apt for dry skin people. 

Use it as a cleanser

Almond due to its sticky nature and cleansing property can be easily replaced as a cleanser for removing makeup.

The best part about using almond oil for the skin as a cleanser is that it does not remove your natural oils from your skin.

Use it as a night cream/undereye cream

The use of almond oil along with aloe vera will help you with your under-eye problem. 

Mix few drops of almond oil and add it with aloe vera gel as an undereye cream.

Use it with essential oils

The almond oils are anyways very useful and the mixture of almond oil along with other essential oils like lavender essential oil, lemon essential oils, and more will help you calm your skin and refresh it.

Add 5 drops of almond oil+ 2 drops of essential oil (lavender essential oil/ lemon essential oil)

Use it for spot treatment

Using almond oil for acne has been discussed above right, but for spot, treatment makes sure you use the almond oil in concentrated form along with few drops of tea tree essential oil for treating your acne. 

Add few drops of almond essential oil+ 2 drops of tea tree essential oil


The use of essential oils for skin care and other purposes has been already discussed but uses of oils such as almonds are always interesting as it has so many qualities and, to be frank, is a little bit lighter on the skin as well, when compared to essential oils.

But having said so one can never know if one is allergic to almonds as most of the allergies come from nuts and thus it is recommended that you consult a doctor for your doubts and clearance and do a patch test if you haven’t tried almond oil or in general almonds before.  One can never replace the use of almond oil in the form of eatables, no matter what almonds as a food product would help you way more than just the oil, but if you want to concentrate more on skincare then go for it, you wouldn’t regret.